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Below are the details of each session this week. These sessions are coach-lead.
Please book into the sessions you want to attend via the Extra Mile Runners Punchpass booking portal.

This page is updated every Saturday for the following week's sessions. 

Monday 24 February: (See below sessions for Monday start times)
Thursday 27 February: 5.40pm

2 session options: 

Strength Repeat Session: 
Monday session: 6.10am 
Thursday session 5.40pm


5min light jog warm up

Set 1: Strength Circuit

Straight Arm Hovers (45secs)

Burpees (45secs)

Straight Arm Hovers (45secs)

Burpees (45secs)

Set 2: Run Set:

4mins out and back (2 min turnaround)

Recovery: 1 min

Set 3: Strength Circuit

Marching Plank (45secs)

Plyo Lunges (45secs)

Marching Plank (45secs)

Plyo Lunges (45secs)


Repeat Set 2 (Run Set))
Repeat Set 1 (Circuit)
Repeat Set 2 (Run Set)
Repeat Set 3 (Circuit)
Repeat Set 2 (Run Set)
Repeat Set 2 (Run Set) shorter recovery - 30secs
Repeat Set 2 (Run Set)
 shorter recovery - 30secs

Pace Session:
Monday morning: 6.00am* earlier start time
Thursday session 5.40pm


This is a 70min pace session:
15 mins easy running
15 mins at 10km pace
5 mins at 5km pace

35 mins at race pace


Tuesday 25 Feb: 5.40pm
Wednesday 26 Feb: 6.10am

Track Session: 

We start the session with a coach-lead Strength warm up, then the track session will start. Choose your session option and listen out for the coach calling out your session:

Beginner:  6 x 2 min efforts @ 75% / 4min recovery between each

Advanced: 8 x 2min efforts @ 85% / 2 min recovery between each

Return: 1min - 90% effort
              3mins - 80% effort
              1min - All Out
              1min - Easy
              Repeat above x6

             2min at 3km pace

             4min at 5km Pace 

             2min at 3k Pace 
             2min Recovery

             Repeat above set x2

           2min at 3km pace

           3min at 5km Pace 

           4min at 3km Pace

           90sec Recovery

           Repeat above set x2

Saturday 29 Feb: 2 x start times
Endurance Session: 

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