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Group Programmes

Get up to Five: Starting 16 March 2020

Christchurch: Registrations open 10 February

Wellington: Registrations open 10 February

Club10k: Starting 16 March 2020

Christchurch: Registrations open 10 February

Wellington: Registrations open 10 February

RaceTeam Wanaka (Christchurch only)
Starting 27 January 2020

Christchurch: 1 x Payment of $329 or 10 x Payments $32.90



Memberships are only available in Christchurch


6mth Membership: $27.50 weekly

12mth Membership: $22.50 weekly


Drop In Sessions

Drop In Sessions are only available in Christchurch

Drop In Sessions

1x Drop In Session: $15 per Session


Downloadable Programmes

5km Downloadable Programme (My 5km Dream)

My 5km Dream: Coming soon 

10km Downloadable Programmes

Beginner 10km Programme: Coming soon

Advanced 10km Programme: Coming soon

Half Marathon Downloadable Programmes

Beginner 21km Programme: Coming soon

Advanced 21km Programme: Coming soon

Marathon Downloadable Programmes

Beginner Marathon Programme: Coming soon

Advanced Marathon Programme: Coming soon


Personalised Coaching

Personalised Coaching

Personalised Coaching: Coming soon


Technique Time

Technique Time is only available in Christchurch

Technique Time

Technique Time: Click here to find out more and sign up to be advised when we are running our next workshop.