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Need a coach or a Training Plan?
We have options to help you achieve your running goals

All training goals need a plan

Don't make the mistakes that most people make when aiming to achieve running goals

To achieve a running goal one of the most important things you need is a great training plan. This plan will give you everything you need for success and will wisely condition you both physically and mentally. At Extra Mile Runners we have training options that will help you do just that!


We have two options

Check out our training plan options below:

Downloadable Training Plans


We have downloadable programmes for all levels of runners and training goals: 
5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon

All of our downloadable programmes have educational videos that teach you everything you need for success in achieving your goals. If you need to know it, our programmes have it. 

Personalised  Programmes

clip board, whistle, stopwatch, towel on

When you want a personalised running programme that is specific to your needs and goals our coach will work with you to design your programme.

Our coaching team has the knowledge and experience to help you avoid the many mistakes people make when they start training for a specific race or goal. With a personalised training programme, our coach will offer their advice and guidance and will guide you to your best running self.

Coming soon!
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