We help people train for successful half marathons

Turn up on race day 100% ready to go - Follow a focussed training plan - Run a half marathon!

The Complete Half Marathon Training Package

Are you feeling a little lost with your training for your Half Marathon? 

  • Are you confused about how and where to start with your training? 

  • Do you struggle to stay motivated with your running? 

  • Do you sign up for races but feel that you are never quite prepared enough?

  • Do you feel you need more than just a downloadable programme to follow?

  • Do you often end up getting niggles or injuries?  

  • Do you want an environment to give you support and technique advice from a coach? 

  • Do you want to be more focussed on your training?

  • Do you want to train with a team full of support?


'Unfortunately most people turn up to the start line, under prepared, under conditioned,  and don't have a plan - which means they don't achieve the goal they set out to when they signed up' - Coach Bevan

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We figure you want these results

In signing up for the Queenstown Half Marathon we understand that you are looking to make gains in one or more of these areas




To get a result you are proud of. From finishing your first half to a PB




To get fitter, faster, and create the physical change you want

Personal Growth


To get mentally stronger, to learn, and to bring the best out in yourself

Being in a community


To build social connections that make you feel like you belong 

With RaceTeam you will turn up on race day
100% ready to be your best

We provide what you need to succeed in your training, gain knowledge, experience camaraderie, and enable you to to perform on race day

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RaceTeam has helped over 3000 people be successful with their half marathon

- We have trained over 800 finishers for the Queenstown & Christchurch Half Marathon

What people say about RaceTeam

These people have trained with RaceTeam and have achieved their half marathon goal, 
you could be the next success story...

'RaceTeam was by far the most organised and professional, but still fun group I have ever run with.'


Melissa Temple

PB'd with RaceTeam


'I never would have achieved this goal without your support and guidance and for this I want to say a huge thanks!!!'

Amanda Polkinghourne 

- Got fitter and faster


 'The team environment made me truly enjoy myself, a thought I would have previously believed to be mad!.' 

John Thomson

- Ran his first half marathon


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We believe in team training

When you train in a team environment you achieve so much
more than what you can by yourself

Our RaceTeam Training Package

We have put together a training system that has everything you need to help you make great training and racing decisions, be highly motivated, to feel a part of a team, and achieve results

There is nothing our package doesn't cover, check it out:

1. Our Proven Programme

A programme that has every session you need to succeed

Our RaceTeam programme has 3 different levels which caters for beginners who may be doing their first half marathon through to  advanced runners aiming for a PB


  • It includes the key sessions you need to improve your running

  • It enables you to achieve the physical and mental benefits you are wanting from focussed training

  • You will get you fitter and faster

  • The programme will ensure you are 100% prepared to be your best on race day

Sports accessories are spread out on a w

'I'm beating all of my previous bests, I love what this is helping me achieve' - Andrew

2. 30 x Team Training Sessions

Team training that brings the best out in you

We believe you get the most out of yourself when you train in a group. The 30 x group sessions will enable you to experience:  

  • A high level of motivation 

  • Accountability 


  • Camaraderie, fun and social engagement

  • Better results because you will train to a higher level in the group


'I can never train on my own like I do when I'm with the RaceTeam group. It brings the best out in me and it's fun!.' - Kim

3. The Coaching Team At Every Session

Experienced Coaches That Have Trained Thousands

Our experienced coaching team knows how to bring the best out in you and how to make you a better runner.
At every session they will:

  • Teach you how to improve your technique

  • Motivate you to a higher level

  • Teach you the important lessons the create success, not just physically but also mentally

  • Provide support and knowledge every step of the way


'The coaching team have a wealth of knowledge and know how to give you advice that grows you both as a runner but also as a person' - Anne

4. The Nutrition Portal 

Nutrition Education To Help You Have Your Best Performance

In our nutrition portal we have an Olympic Sports Nutritionist teach you what you need to know to win with your nutrition during your training and on race day. You will learn: 

  • How to fuel yourself for your training

  • What you need post training and during the race

  • How to work around the different types of dietary needs 

  • How to nail your nutrition on race day

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 6.37.24 AM.jpeg

'The nutrition portal removed the confusion around nutrition. It taught me what I need to know to have the energy to perform and gave me my race day nutrition plan' - Adam

5. Weekly Education - The Key Lessons You Need

Education That Covers Every Area That Creates Success

Each week we give you education that will massively help you on your training journey. This education includes:

  • How to look after your body during your training  


  • How to improve your running

  • Motivation techniques that bring the best out in you

  • Race Day Strategy: A race plan that is specific for the Queenstown Half Marathon. You will have a race plan that will lead to a great performance.


'When I was on the start line I knew exactly how I was going to run my race, the education had set me up to achieve my personal best' - Sophia

6. Our Facebook Group

Our Online Community For RaceTeam

Our Facebook group is for everyone doing RaceTeam.
It's the place where we connect online and support each other. 

  • It's another way you'll feel connected your group  

  • They will encourage you, motivate you and share their experience with you

  • You'll feel like you belong to something bigger 

Untitled 2.png

'The best part of RaceTeam is that you feel like you belong to a team that is about making everyone better' - Duncan

You get all of this

Which is everything you need to achieve your goal

  • The Programme - $77 Value

  • 30 group training sessions - $447 Value

  • The Coaches - $247 Value

  • Nutrition Portal - $97 Value

  • Weekly Education - $97 Value

  • Facebook Group - Priceless

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Total Value


But you only pay

10 weekly payments of $33.90

or a one off payment of $339

This is the early bird rate - which runs out soon!

'I love that this programme make me feel like I was thriving' - Anne

Plus you get this amazing bonus

Bonus: Our Strength And Yoga Videos

Key Running Specific Workouts 

These video sessions are designed to compliment your training so you get stronger and also look after your body during your training.
There are 3 sessions:

  • Running specific plyometric session - for strength and power

  • Core and mobility - for body foundation work 

  • Yoga - to help your body recover


'I loved the video sessions, they covered the training I needed outside of the group work'.
My body was in a better place because I did them' - Jon

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'I used another coach, I was paying more, I only got a programme, and I didn't get the results I've got with RaceTeam' - Aaron

Our Mind Blowing Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to blow your away with our world-class service that we offer a personal satisfaction guarantee.

If you get to the end of this programme and feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, we will refund your payment into your bank account.

Best-case scenario, we get you amazing results, worse case, you workout for free. You have no risk!


Who is RaceTeam for? 

Since 2008 we have been training all levels of runners to half marathon success, here are some of the reasons why people do RaceTeam:

  • You want to complete your first half marathon but are unsure where to start with your training