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Drop In Sessions

When you want a coach-lead group training session for that extra motivation within your own training

Drop In Sessions - use the Extra Mile Runners sessions for your
key training sessions

Does this sound familiar?

  • You lack motivation to do the more challenging training sessions on your own

  • You run at the same pace all the time and wonder why you aren't improving

  • You feel lost with your technique

  • You feel you need advice around your running

  • You would like to train with a group sometimes for extra motivation

  • You set goals but you don't do the right preparation and training to achieve them

Unhappy and disappointed customer giving

'Most runners get slower over time because they don't do the key sessions that create improvement' - Coach Bevan  

Extra Mile Runners Drop In Sessions will help you nail your key training objectives

Successful runners include these sessions into their training

Great running programmes have different sessions with different training objectives to create success, these include: 

Endurance Sessions

Untitled 3.jpg

Your longer runs that build your endurance

Pace Tempo Sessions

Untitled 2.jpg

Your middle distance/timed runs with mid to high intensity pace work

High Intensity Intervals


Your high intensity intervals with max effort

Strength Sessions

Untitled 1.jpg

Your strength based sessions

The benefits are huge

If you want to become a better runner, to be fitter, faster and stronger you need to successfully hit the objectives of each of these sessions

How our Drop In Sessions create success 

There are 3 key factors which will help you achieve your objectives within your challenging training sessions through our Drop In Sessions:

  • Having coaches at every session: You will get feedback on your running (including your technique) and you will be guided through the session as well as providing tips and motivation to achieve the session objectives. 

  • A group of people to train with: We all know that we train better when we have a group of people to train with, there's the motivation that comes with it but it also makes it more fun and social!

  • Set training focuses for every session: All of our Drop In sessions have set training focuses which are based around one of these objectives: Endurance, Tempo Running, High Intensity Intervals, or Strength work.

'There's no way I could train how I do when I'm with the Extra Mile crew. They just take me to my next level' - Sue

How do Drop In Sessions work? 

Drop In sessions give you the chance to come to any 

Extra Mile Runners session at any time

Our Drop In Sessions work on a 'pay as you come' basis. You can choose any of the sessions we run on a weekly basis, purchase a
'Drop In' pass and come and train with us!. 


Each week our sessions cover all your training needs.
We have an Endurance Run, Pace/Tempo Sessions, High Intensity Intervals, and 
Strength/Repeat sessions. 


Look at our timetable, choose the session you want to come to, buy a Drop In pass, come along and train.

The cost for 1 x Drop In Session

$15.00 per session
Valid for 1 month

There are 4 easy steps to come to a Drop In Session 

Step 1

Go to the
'Buy Now' 
section on this page and click
"I'm Ready!"

Step 2

Select the
"Drop In Session" payment option 


Step 3

Go through the payment process 

Step 4

Once confirmed you will be sent confirmation and details on how to book your session via the Extra Mile Runners booking portal!

Get Started

Buy a Drop In Session so you can start to experience how Extra Mile Runners can help you with your key weekly training sessions 

* Our 3 free Drop In Sessions are for people who have never run with us before, just click the button above to find out more. 

Drop Buy Now

We take all the risk - our guarantee

We are so convinced that this will work for you we offer our 'we are committed to you' 100% money back guarantee. 

It's a simple as that, what have you got to lose?


Do you have a question for us?

We have all of the answers to our FAQ's below but if you would like to talk to someone you can call Coach Bevan on 021869086

You can also email us by clicking here

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