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Our Christchurch Team

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Bevan James Eyles

Bevan has been a leading fitness professional since 1999. Here are some of his highlights: 

  • 3x NZ fitness instructor of the year

  • Raced as a Pro Ironman Triathlete

  • Traveled the world training fitness professionals

'I love helping people achieve their goals, it's the best part of what I do' - Bevan 

Jo Eyles

Jo manages the administration and logistics of Extra Mile Runners and is a keen runner herself. She also coaches when she gets the chance. 

  • 2nd in age group Christchurch Half Marathon 2017

  • 4th Open Women in Wanaka Half Marathon 2015

  • Qualified for New York Marathon 2018

'I find myself motivated and inspired by our runners every single day. That is what we do this for' - Jo 

Aine Elliot

Aine is a joker who always has a smile on her face. But don't be deceived as she has achieved so much with an athlete. 

  • Had an American collage scholarship for running

  • Represented the UK for running. 

'Do what you love, love what you do' - Aine

Alex Hawke

Alex loves running and is always looking forward to her next post exercise endorphin boost.​

  • She has held the NZ title over the half marathon and marathon distance

  • She has a Masters degree in psychology so is fascinated by human behaviour and understands behaviour change processes

“Most people underestimate what they can achieve. I love seeing people exceed their expectations, improve their confidence and develop a life-long passion for exercise”

Dan Cracknell

Dan has been a long time lover of fitness, so much he has made a career in it. 

  • He's a qualified Sports Rehabilitation Therapist

  • He's a qualitifed Personal Trainer

  • He's completed in many races over the years, from 10km to 100km

'Help people make big steps in their journey is what I'm all about'

Gail Harvey-Heyward

Gail has a passion for sport and helping people. She's achieved a lot in her athlete career.​

  • Racing at the Ironman World Championships

  • Representing NZ for triathlon

  • Being a top age grouper in many running races

'I'm passionate about helping others find their happy place through fitness"

PTDi Photo 4.jpg
Di Lauder

Di started running in her early 40s, Di loves the connection and motivation running brings.

  • Di is a certified Athletics NZ middle distance run coach level 2

  • Di is a registered personal trainer

  • Di has won many fitness industry awards. Most recent award was the 2020 NZ exercise industry program excellence award for her Queenstown run group

  • Di is an qualified Occupational therapist worked in mental health for 15 years

  • Di is an endorsed NutriFit and ph360 personalised epigentics coach.

'I believe we all want ‘joy in our lives’.  I love coaching as running helps people find connection, achieve goals, improve health and happiness.'

Sam Davies

Sam is an amazing coach but she also helps run the 'behind the scenes' of Extra Mile.

  • She's a qualitifed Personal Trainer, Nutritionalist, and Yoga instructor

  • She's been a runner for many years, competing in many races. 

'It's a real honour and buzz being part of the journey that people take to reach their goals '

Our Wellington Team

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Rachel Uelese

Rachel’s passion and drive is to help people achieve their goals no matter how big or small – she loves to have fun while we achieve their goals​​.

  • Successfully competed in 10km and half marathon races

  • Competed at the National Duathlon Champs 2012 winning age group

  • Won Ironmaori Short Distance Duathlon 2 years in a row

  • Competed in the Crazy Man Duathlon

'I love watching our runners cross the finish line and achieve something they didn't think they could.'

Hazel Lund

Hazel is a physiotherapist who has worked within sports medicine for over ten years.

  • She has completed post grade diploma in musculoskeletal physiotherapy

  • has worked with representative hockey and football teams

  • Hazel is a recreational runner, enjoy exploring the outdoors

"I love being a part of the Extra Mile runners community and helping people to achieve their running goals (and sometimes fixing a few niggles along the way)"

Lua Uelese

Lua has always been sporty but not always a runner till he did the Wellington 10km event to fully understand how it feels to go from a non runner to being a runner and achieving his goal.

  • Qualified Personal Trainer

  • Team trainer at Elevate+

  • Completed the Oxfam 100km walk

'To me fitness has to be positive and fun, that's what I try to create for our runners'

Julie Collow

Julie is a teacher and runner who loves sharing the joy that running brings.


  • She has completed10km races, half marathons and full marathons

  • Is passionate about movement as medicine and teaches wellbeing to secondary school students

  • Qualified as a personal trainer in Feb 2020.


"I love helping people reach their goals whether it’s in the classroom or out running, it’s what gets me out of bed every day!"

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'The Extra Mile Runners coaches really care about you succeeding. They understand how to help you be your best and how to achieve your goals.'
- Julia