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Personalised Coaching

One on one coaching specific to your training needs

Work with a coach to help you achieve your running goals

When you have a next level goal you need next level guidance

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A personalised coach gives you

one on one guidance

Our coach will design a plan that is specific to your needs and your race, including: 

  • Customised programme which is constantly evolving based on your personal training journey

  • Communication with them along the way

  • They give you feedback on your sessions

  • They help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that can lead to failure

  • They share their experience to help you become a better athlete

  • You feel supported along the way 

  • You grow as an athlete


Personalised Coaching is a more specific approach to achieving your goals

Our coach helps you be your best

They do this through:

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Running Education

So you learn how to be a faster runner


Personalised  Programming

Designed based on your athletic journey



So you are evolving as a runner



To guide you through your whole experience

Who's personalised  coaching for?

You will get the most out of working with us if: 

  • You have a running goal that is important to you

  • You want to have feedback as part of your journey

  • You want a more specific programme that is based on your athletic ability 

  • You don't want to make unnecessary mistakes on your journey

  • You want to learn how to become a better athlete, both in how to run faster and in how to perform at your highest level

  • If you want to feel supported by an expert

How Personalised Coaching works

The relationship will be one where you work together to grow you as an athlete

When you sign up for Personal Coaching you are getting an experienced, qualified coach to guide you on your own running journey. 

Here's how the relationship works:   

  • Send us an overview of what your goals are and what you are wanting to achieve with a one on one coach.

  • Our coach will make contact within 48-72 hours to have a chat about your goals so you can get an understanding of how the relationship will work and if you feel it will be a good fit for you.

  • If you want to go ahead - our coach will send you the details on how to get started!

  • Our coach will then be in contact to work through what you need (apps, gear needed etc) and the  plan moving forward.

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  • The coach will send through an outline of your periodised training plan aimed at achieving your goal.

  • They will then write your first month's training programme and go through it with you in a video meeting explainer.

  • Each week the coach will review your training (using TrainingPeaks) and give you feedback on your sessions and progress. This weekly feedback will occur for the duration of your coaching relationship and will help guide you through any training changes as they occur.

  • You will have monthly updates on your programme including a monthly 30min video meeting with your coach. These sessions will give you an opportunity to feedback progress, which will help guide the next stage of your customised programme. The coach will also teach you important lessons for achieving your goals (like running nutrition, race strategies and running technique). 

  • The coach will always be available by email to answer your questions. 


'We see it as our job is to learn how to help you be your best, as an athlete and a person, so you can achieve all of your running goals' - Coach Bevan

What's my investment?

If you are wanting to get the most out of your running, a Personalised Coach

is your best investment

Personalised Coaching Cost

$75 per week 
(12 weeks minimum)

'After signing up for the New York Marathon I knew I needed an expert to guide me. Using an Extra Mile Coach was the best thing I could have done as I had an amazing race experience because of the training and education they gave me' - Karin

There are 4 easy steps to start working  with a personalised coach

Step 1

Send us an overview of what you are wanting to achieve with one on one coaching, what are your goals?

Send your overview now


Step 2

Our coach will be in touch within 48-72 hours to have a chat about your goals and how the relationship will work


Step 3

If you want to get started, our coach will send your details on how to set up your weekly payments
(12 week minimum)


Step 4

Confirmation will be sent and our coach will be on your team ready to get you started!


Our Personalised Coach

Our one on one coach is an experienced athlete and has the knowledge and

expertise to help you become a better athlete

Dan Cracknell


Dan is a long time lover of health and fitness and from a young age developed a fascination with how the body works. This lead him to train as a Sport Rehabilitation Therapist (BSc) and then a Personal Trainer. 


He has a career spanning team sports (football) before specialising in clinical running analysis and fitness coaching.


As an athlete himself he found running and endurance sport in his twenties and hasn't looked back, competing in sprint triathlon and running races from half-marathon to ultra-distance. 


Having moved from London to Christchurch Dan now loves getting out onto the trails to test himself and take in the beauty of nature.


“Endurance training challenges many areas of your life and building the athlete-coach relationship is vital to understanding the best way to progress a customised training programme” - Dan

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