Saturday's Session

This Week's Session

  • A Drop In Session pass or a valid Extra Mile Runners Membership is needed for this session

  • Please BOOK IN before you arrive at the session (see below on how to do this)

  • When you arrive, please check-in with the coach taking the session roll call

  • Please be at the session at least 5-10mins before start time. 

Saturday 28 November

Please book into "Endurance Run" on timetable and check in with the coach when you arrive. 

Saturday 28 November, 7.30am
Meeting Point: Scott Park, Mt Pleasant
Map of Run: Click here

Distance options:  7.5km, 11km, 12km

Safety Briefing:

  1. All roads are open

  2. There are some uneven surfaces on this course so watch your footing

  3. Please keep left on the footpaths and share the paths - be alert for scooters and cyclists.

  4. If you choose to wear a listening device, it is at your own risk and you must be able to hear what is going on around you

  5. Please follow our course

  6. Be alert at all times, your safety is your responsibility


Course Description: 

  • We follow the Coastal Pathway all the way out to Sumner following the waterside pathway the whole way. 

  • At Sumner, run towards Cave Rock then along the Esplanade. 

  • KM Markers out: 3.75km, 5.5km, 6km

  • Run to your half way marker and reverse the course back to the start

28 November Scott Park.png

Course Map: click to enlarge

To book into this session:

  1. Click on the button below to go to the Session Timetable

  2. Click on the Endurance Session 

  3. Login or create an account (if you don't already have one) to enable you to book this session

  4. Book in!

  5. NOTE: When there are 2 session options on a Saturday, you don't need to book into a specific one - please just book the 'Endurance Session" and "check in" with the coach at your session. 

Other News

Do you want to become an Extra Mile Runners Member?

Our 6mth and 12mth memberships are the most cost effective way to run with the team. 

Memberships are great if you can identify with any of these:


  • You have a long term running goal and want to train with a team to get the most out of your training. 

  • You have been coming to Extra Mile Runners for years and want to save money but still experience our community and everything we offer.

  • You want flexibility with your training, you can pick and choose which sessions you come to each week.

  • You want a coaching team to support you in your running journey.

  • You want to become a better runner and train with an awesome team of coaches and runners alike!

Alert Level 1 Session Guidelines

We are currently at Alert Level 1 so although this means not as many restrictions and rules there are a few things you need to be aware of at the session:

  • If you feel unwell or if anyone in your household is unwell please stay at home and away from the group.

  • Check in with the coach taking roll call. Please ensure you check in with the coach at every single session.

  • At the sessions, we all need to do our best to keep to not get too close to each other and take simple, common-sense steps with good hygiene; cover coughs and sneezes with tissues, elbows or clothing and avoid any touching contact with others.

  • At the start and end of each session, keep your distance safe between each other.

We all of course be keeping a close eye on any changes that may happen via the Sports NZ governing body announcements.