We take you from nothing to running 5km

You will get fitter, healthier, have more energy and achieve a goal you will want to tell your friends about

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Does this sound familiar with

your fitness? 

  • Are you currently not exercising but know you should?

  • Have you ever told yourself that you can't run?

  • Are you struggling with your health, fitness and wellbeing? 

  • Does the idea of exercise sometimes make you feel disappointed or guilty?

  • Do you sometimes feel you may fail with exercise

  • Have you tried to run or exercise in the past but didn't know where to start or didn't stick with it?

  • Would you like to put some time back into yourself and do something for you?


Where is this leading you? 

If you stay on this path, where will your health and fitness be in 10 years from now?

Are you sick of feeling this
way about your fitness?

  • Are you not exercising?

  • Are you struggling with your health and fitness

  • Are you limiting your life because of your fitness? 

  • Does your fitness make you feel disappointed or guilty?

  • Have you given up even trying because you think you will fail?

  • Does this area of your life make you feel embarrassed?

  • Have you just accepted that you will always be unfit?

Unhappy and disappointed customer giving

What is the cost of being in the place?

If you don't change anything around your health and fitness where will you be in 5-10 years from now?

What's the cost of not doing anything about it? Things will stay the same but most likely get worse.
Do you want to be in this place forever? 

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We help you get your
dream results

With Get up to Five we help you achieve the goal of running 5km but more importantly you get so many amazing results




Achieve a goal you will tell your world about




Get fitter, leaner, healthy, have more energy

Personal Development


Build confidence, mental strength, and feel amazing

Being in a community


Feel belonging, motivated, accountable, and supported


'A work colleague asked me what I had been doing because they noticed a massive shift in me. I could tell they were inspired by my change so I told them that they should join Get up to Five.'
- Julie Simpson

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Get up to Five has helped over 4000 people run 5km

With a nearly 90% success rate! 90% of people that join
Get up to Five run 5km and achieve this goal

What people are saying about

Get up to Five

These people started the Get up to Five programme with no running history or experience.
They all ran 5km with us. 

I have always felt encouraged and supported

 From the moment I turned up to that very first session of Get up to Five I have always felt encouraged, supported and most of all never judged! ​​​​​​​Much aroha'  - Tracy


It is well paced and achievable for anyone

'I am so happy that I found a group that is supportive and so much fun. I love this programme, it is well paced and achievable for anyone. I have learnt that if I believe it, I can do it. - Elspeth