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Tips for
Solo Sessions

While most of your training is going to be with the group, there will be some sessions in your programme when you need to get out of the door by yourself. We thought we would provide you with some quick tips that will help you be successful in your solo sessions.

  • Get your friends and family involved. It's important that the people in your life who can support you in this goal know what you are doing so they can be there when you may be struggling.

    In your solo sessions, get your partner, kids, friends or anyone you can think of to do it with you. This will make it easier and also a good opportunity to catch up on the goss!

Walking Club
  • Plan well. When it comes to training one of the best things you can do is to plan well. Try to plan your training times around what you know will work for you. If you aren't an early morning person avoid this time of the day for your solo sessions, you'll probably find that the alarm will get better at keeping you in bed. Instead, plan a time when you feel you have the most chance of being successful.

    Remember you want to make it as easy as possible to get out the door. 

Paper Diary
  • Train somewhere nice!. Our last tip is to try and find beautiful locations in your area to exercise in. When you know you are going to be heading to a beautiful trail, beside the water or by the river you find you have a much more enjoyable experience. Get exploring!


Enjoying the Nature

You'll find that now you have a goal and are working with the crew you'll experience a new level of motivation. This motivation and the success you feel as you tick off the training sessions will snowball and make getting out the door easier. 

By incorporating these tips you will learn how you can continue to be successful for the long term. 

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