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Road and Personal Safety with 
Extra Mile Runners


We are committed to providing a positive and SAFE environment for people to grow both physically and mentally through the activity of walking and running. It is our aim to make the experience for you one you will remember for all the right reasons.

It is with this in mind we would like to draw your attention to some Safety and Health considerations that relate to this programme. 

A pre run briefing will be made by one of the coaches prior to the commencement of the session, this briefing will describe the course and highlight any road/conditions information that could potentially be hazardous.

We have identified the following as certain and /or potential hazards:

  1. Traffic (Vehicles, Cyclists, other pedestrians)

  2. Weather (Cold, Hot, wet, dry, sunny , overcast, windy)

  3. Road/running surfaces (camber, pot holes, loose gravel, grassy terrain, uneven surfaces)

  4. Clothing (too much/too little)


The roads are open, all vehicles have right of way so please give way at all times. Running on the road is risky and normal road rules apply as there are no road closures in place for any of our supervised run sessions. Please observe the following rules: 

  1. Always run whenever possible on the roadside or footpath towards on coming traffic.

  2. When running on the footpath stay alert for vehicles entering or exiting driveways.

  3. When running on the roadside always keep well to the side and be alert for cars/ vehicles opening doors, cyclists, pedestrians and animals.

  4. Almost all of the supervised runs throughout the programme will involve crossing both major and minor roads, only cross these roads in the designated crossing areas, these will be marked by an orange cone on either side of the road, cross only between the cones. Be prepared to stop and wait if traffic is coming.

  5. You are responsible for crossing the road. Don’t just trust the the person in front of you has checked for cars. Work on the side of caution, if you are unsure if you can get across the road safely before a car gets to you, don’t do it.

  6. If there are traffic crossing lights or zebra crossings, use them.

  7. There is a saying most of us have heard before “be seen be safe” we recommend wearing something Hi Viz to make you visible from a distance.

Be responsible for your actions. Always think safety first.


Weather conditions out on the run can vary and change considerably within the run session, check the forecast for the day and dress appropriately and prepare for any forecast changes.

In cold weather polypropylene tops, gloves, long pants are useful, these help move perspiration away from the body and keep in body heat. A hat is always a good idea for the beginning of the run and at the end when the body is cold or is starting to cool down. The thing to remember is you can always take clothing off if you are feeling too hot, but be aware and careful of the wind chill factor.

In hot weather conditions once again dress and prepare appropriately to avoid overheating and to facilitate effective perspiration evaporation. Hydrate sufficiently before, during and after the run. If hot and sunny a good sun screen lotion is a good idea to protect the skin from sunburn, as is wearing a hat and wearing sunglasses.

Running Surfaces

Most of the runs are performed on sealed footpaths with a little off road running in some instances. On sealed surfaces looking ahead at where your feet are going to land is fairly easy, however on uneven surfaces this is more difficult, as there could be ruts, hidden pot holes, soft areas, tree roots, overhead hazards such as tree branches etc. Be alert. Off road running also places different stresses on the body.

Music & Listening Devices

You run with a listening device at your own risk. If you choose to use an ipod or any music device when you are running you must turn it off when you run on the road. It’s ok to use them on the footpath - as long as you can hear what is going on around you clearly - but you have to turn it off when you hit the road. You need to be able to hear the cars around you so don’t have it too loud. Please always be aware of your surroundings.

Medication & Pre-exisiting Conditions

If you take medication for any condition that may affect you in this programme and during exercise (ie: asthma inhaler) you must have it on you at all times.  By joining an Extra Mile Runners programme you understand that this is your responsibility.  If you have a pre-exisiting health condition that may put you at risk during this programme, please seek advice from your medical professional before starting a programme. 

Assumption of Risk

In consideration of the acceptance of registration and participation in this programme, you assume full and complete risk and responsibly for any injury or accident which may occur during the programme. You understand that participating in the programme may be hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able. You should seek medical advice before participating in the programme. 


Minimum Age
The minimum age for participation in any Extra Mile Runners programme is 16 years. 



  • I accept the conditions of entry to this programme, while recognising and agreeing that road running and walking may be a risky and physically challenging undertaking. 

  • I attest to having read all information contained in this page and enter this programme knowing full well the risks and demands involved and undertake to follow all rules and instructions. 

  • I understand that the organisers have not arranged controlled road crossings, the roads are open and they cannot be held responsible for the actions of members of the public. Therefore I take personal responsibility for my/our fitness, experience and actions during this programme. 

By ticking the "I have read the Road and Personal Safety Terms and Conditions" check box during your registration process, you acknowledge you have read these conditions and confirm you understand, will abide and adhere to them. 

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