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Week 8 Newsletter

Still work to be done

The training peak is nearly behind us

We are getting to the peak in our training and we imagine that at this stage you are feeling fitter but you are probably feeling a bit tired as well. The good news is you only have a few weeks to go, trust us - all the hard work you have done will pay off when you come to face your half marathon. 

It's only 3 weeks to go, stick to the programme!!

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 8.27_edited.jpg

Post Race Catch Up

After your race, we would love to catch up with you to celebrate your race and your 10 week journey with RaceTeam. 

Date: Saturday 18 November
Time: 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Venue: Barmuda, 3 Searle Lane


No need to RSVP, just come along if you can make it for a drink before you head out for dinner or any other plans you may have. Partners welcome!

Week 8 Sessions




80min Rolling Hills Run:                                           
30mins Easy
30mins at Race Pace
5mins Easy

15mins at 10km Pace*
Turnaround time: 40mins

*Beginners: Do this set at Race Pace

Course Description:

  • Parts of this road are open to cars so please be alert.

  • This is a timed run, everyone is turning at 40mins. Please don't not run to distance. 

  • Always run on the “open” side of the road (either city side or Lyttelton side) not the hill side, you will need to change sides during this run as the road winds around so please take extreme care before you move across. 

  • Watch out for cyclists and others using this road. Please don't run in the middle of the road and don’t run more than 2 abreast - try and stay single file. 

  • Watch out for uneven surfaces on this course.

  • Your safety is your own responsibility out there.  

  1. Meeting at the intersection of Mt Pleasant Road and Summit Road.

  2. Follow Summit Road all the way along towards Rapaki Track (do not go down Rapaki Track).

  3. Continue along Summit Road all the way until your turnaround time = 40mins

Course Map
Click on image to enlarge

What Next?
Thinking about what to do after RaceTeam?

This is our last RaceTeam for 2023 and what a year it has been!

If you would like to keep running with the Extra Mile Runners team following RaceTeam, we will have sessions on our Session Timetable that will continue up to and right through Christmas and New Year until our next group programmes start in January 2024.

We will have our 2024 RaceTeam schedule in the final newsletter you will get for this RaceTeam. 

Members: 6mth or 12mth memberships

Check when your membership expiry date is, and come to unlimited sessions each week during your membership term, just book in to the sessions on the timetable!

Non Members:
You can buy single Drop In Sessions that can be used at any of our sessions on the Session Timetable. They are valid for 1 month from date of purchase, so you can purchase and book in to any session you want to come to. 

Other News

  • Good luck for your longest run this coming Saturday. Be smart and run wisely. Remember to practice your nutrition for this run.

  • We are close team, stick to the programme and be great at consistency. 

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