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Week 7 Newsletter

Longest Run

Stay Focussed

We are heading into the chunky part of the programme with your longest run coming up so at this stage of your RaceTeam journey recovery is so important as is consistency. 

Stick to the programme, once your longest run is completed you haven't finished. If you want to be at the best of your ability come the half marathon - be consistent. 

This is your last opportunity to have a race day practice including pre-race day planning.

We give you some tips below for success so you can prepare as best you can for this run. We are getting so close...

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 8.27_edited.jpg

Post Race Catch Up

After your Queenstown race, we would love to catch up with you to celebrate your race and your 10 week journey with RaceTeam. 

Date: Saturday 18 November
Time: 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Venue: Barmuda, 3 Searle Lane


No need to RSVP, just come along if you can make it for a drink before you head out for dinner or any other plans you may have. Partners welcome!

Week 7 Sessions




Session Description:
This is a "timed" run. There are 2 courses for you to follow.  Please know the turnaround times and the pace objectives for each set. There is no recovery between each set. 

Session: 150mins                                       

30mins Easy (15min turn) Course 1
10mins at 10km pace* (turn 5mins) Course 2

40mins at Race Pace (turn 20mins) Course 1
20mins Easy (turn 10mins) Course 2
30mins at Race Pace (turn 15mins) Course 1
20mins Easy (turn 10mins) Course 2

*Beginners: Do this set Slightly Faster than Race Pace


Course 1 Description:

  • From Beckenham Park, run up to Fisher Ave, turn left.

  • Run to the end and turn left onto Colombo St.

  • Continue along Colombo St to Remuera Ave, turn left.

  • Run around Remuera Ave coming out onto Centaurus Rd, turn left. 

  • Follow Centaurus Road along - follow the pathway beside the river (behind Centaurus Rd shops) coming out onto Palatine Tce.

  • Continue along Palatine Tce to Burnbrae St, turn right

  • Turnaround at the turnaround time for that set and then go straight into Course 2…

Course 2 Description:

  • Continue passed the meeting point and run along Eastern Tce to Corson Ave. Turn right.

  • Run to the end of Corson Ave and turn right. You are now beside the river.

  • Follow the river towards Colombo St.

  • Turnaround at the turnaround time for that set then go straight back onto Course 1 for your next set.

Course 1:
Click on image to enlarge

Course 2:
Click on image to enlarge

Water Station:

There will be 1 x water station on this course, at the start/finish point. 
Water will be provided at this station, please carry any nutrition you need with you.


Race Planning

Like your Week 6 Saturday session, to make the most of your longest run you want to have prepared well so you can use it as another practice day. 

Go over what worked well last week, what may need to change and implement for this longest run session. 

Some reminders on what to be thinking about:


  • Nutrition: After the Nutrition video you should have a plan in place around what you are going to do in the lead up to and during race day. You want to practice everything that you will do in the lead up to and on race day.

  • Pacing: Before you start the run read over your race day plan. Use this Saturday's run as a chance to practice your strategy - when the run gets tough what will you do? Where will your head take you?

  • Mind Strategy: Remember to practice your mind strategies in the run as well. By now you will know the bad habits that creep in as your body fatigues, learn to identify them early and practice using the question: 'What can I still control to make sure I get to the finish line as fast as possible'. How will you fight the battle in your head that is telling you to stop and walk? The mind can be trained too, make the most of this session to work on it.

The long run is a great opportunity to learn some valuable lessons before the big day. Treat it seriously and you will have a much higher chance of being successful on race day. 

What Next?
Thinking about what to do after RaceTeam?

This is our last RaceTeam for 2023 and what a year it has been!

If you would like to keep running with the Extra Mile Runners team following RaceTeam, we will have sessions on our Session Timetable that will continue up to and right through Christmas and New Year until our next group programmes start in January 2024.

We will have our 2024 RaceTeam schedule in the final newsletter you will get for this RaceTeam. 

Members: 6mth or 12mth memberships

Check when your membership expiry date is, and come to unlimited sessions each week during your membership term, just book in to the sessions on the timetable!

Non Members:
You can buy single Drop In Sessions that can be used at any of our sessions on the Session Timetable. They are valid for 1 month from date of purchase, so you can purchase and book in to any session you want to come to. 

This week's quick tip: 

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you need to take it easy because you have had a busy day and are tired'
- Ange 

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