Week 10 Newsletter

K2M Half Marathon 2021

It's Race Week!

Next Sunday you are going to line up at the start line of the Half Marathon at the K2M event. Try to approach it with a little bit of nervousness, excitement and be proud of where you are at right now. We are very very proud of you. 

We know a few of you are feeling tired right now, remember that this week is about taking it nice and easy but sticking to the plan.

The hard work is done, now it's all about about getting your body ready for this challenge both physically and mentally.

Post Race Catch Up

Date: Sunday 6 June

Time: 5.00pm (after prize giving)
Venue: Golden Bear Brewing Company, Maupa Wharf (click here for location)


No need to RSVP, come along if you can make it!
Partners welcome!

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Week 10 Sessions


  • Monday 31 May, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts
    See your programme for details on this session


  • Tuesday 1 June, 5.40pm 
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts
    See your programme for details on this session


Sunday 6 June: Half Marathon at K2M 
We will be sending you a Race day Newsletter the Thursday before your race which will include the RaceTeam meeting point at the Half Marathon start. 

Make sure you are familiar with all the race details including race pack pick up, start times and
race rules.

This weeks quick tip: 

'Stick to your programme and enjoy the taper..it will pay off on race day.'
- Sam Burgess


Race Week

With race day so close now is the time to think about what you need to plan during race week. Even for those of you who have done this before, it is good to review the below as a reminder. 

Beginning half of next week:     

  • It’s all about rest and quality fuelling during the first half of next week. Aim to have early nights and eat lots of fresh foods.

  • Try to avoid unnecessary stress. It’s all about keeping the good energy in.

  • Just do what’s on the programme and no more. We know this can be hard so if you are tempted to do more remind yourself that it will be detrimental to your race day performance.

Two days before the race:  

  • Now you start your nutrition plan. Go over your notes from the nutrition video and have everything in place and make it happen.

  • Pack your bag for the race including warm gear, nutrition, hydration.
    *Make sure you are prepared for wet weather just in case, it can be cold on this course so have warm layers for pre, during and post race.

  • Have a good stretch and early nights.

The day before the race: 

  • Focus on your nutrition plan and good rest.

  • Check out the course map on the race website - become familiar with the course so you know what to expect.

  • Sit down and think about your race. You may want to plan your splits and go over any other important information about your race.

The aim of this week is to get yourself both physically and mentally ready to be your best at the start line on race morning. By incorporating this plan you are increasing the chances of having a day that you can be proud of and can remember forever.

Don't go changing! Resist making any changes to your nutrition plan or race plan at this late stage. Stick with what you have practiced and know what works for you. Any last minute changes may bring on some unwanted surprises!

Be familiar with the race information

Make sure you know the deal with registration pack pick up, parking, bag drop and race rules. It’s your job to become familiar with all this stuff so you are as prepared as you can be for race day:

Other News

  • We will send you a Race Day Newsletter the Thursday before race day so keep an eye out for that. 

  • Now is a good time to make sure you have all your gear for the race; nutrition, warm clothes/wet weather clothes..write a list and check it twice!