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The Next Level Challenge

This challenge has now finished Congratulations to everyone who took part!

The Challenge:

Your next challenge involves you earning the total points goal each week for the level you choose. 
Below is an Activity Points Table outlining the activities available and the points earned for each one.

You have 1 week to earn the points required for your level. 

Choose your Level / Weekly Total Points Goal

Level 1: Cool Runnings - 10 points 

Level 2: Chariots of Fire - 11 points 

Level 3: Forrest Gump - 14 points 

The Activity Points Table:

Your Tasks:

After each activity you complete, post the following in your Facebook group:

  1. Hashtag for your level: #cool or #chariots or #forrest

  2. Post a pic of you before, during or after your activity

  3. Total number of points earned so far for that week

Once you have completed your week and achieved your points goal - please use hashtag:


Awards Ceremony:

The weekly Awards ceremony will take place every Sunday afternoon ;o)

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