Week 7 Newsletter

The Home Straight

Keep turning up

You are all doing so well, you are over half way and the end goal is in sight.

It is crazy to think we are on the home straight with Get up to Five, in just over 2 weeks you will do your 5km run. Keep it up for the next couple of weeks and you'll be running to the finish line with more experience under your belt and with perhaps a slightly different goal - this is about improving on last time.


Programme Change: 5min strength warm up

From this week onwards (Week 7 & 8) we change the strength circuit at the start of the session to a 5minute strength based warm up.  Our coaches will take you through these movements in the session. The warm up does not have any ground work, but you may still want to bring your mats if you prefer the ground option stretches at the end of the session. 

Post Final Run Coffee

After your final 5km run, we would love to catch up with you for a post run coffee. It's a good chance to have a proper catch up and share in that "post run glow".

When: Saturday 2 July
Where: Coanes, 103 Oriental Parade
Time: After your final run and all the team is in, we will head on down!


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Week 7 Sessions

  • Monday 20 June, 6.00am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park Playground

    Map of Meeting Point: Click here

  • Wednesday 22 June, 6.00am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park Playground

    Map of Meeting Point: Click here


  • Saturday 25 June, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Shorland Park, Island Bay, click here
    Map of Run: Click here
    This map is for all of our running groups, you will be doing a portion of this course.

Course Description:
Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety.


  • After your 5min strength warm up - we will walk down pathway to The Esplanade.
    Start your watches once you have crossed over and are on the waterfront pathway.


  • All runners run towards towards Lyall Bay turning at half way on your watches.

  • Return Level: There will be a 4km marker out for you. This will be located at Lyall Bay.

    All Runners: Please take extreme care crossing over The Esplanade in both directions. 

Week 7 Shorland Park.png

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge


Excuses Excuses?

We have hit the big end of the programme, you may find you get mentally and physically fatigued over the next couple of weeks. When we get tired it becomes harder to train and if you are also mentally tired it's easier to believe the excuses that we can use to get out of training. 

As athletes we need to plan for the times when we are going to be putting the most amount of energy out by putting rest in. Here a few tips to make sure you have the right kind of energy over the next couple of weeks: 


  • 30mins earlier to bed: We know this may sound boring but going to bed 30mins earlier will give your body more time for recovery. Turn the TV off and relax.

  • Nana naps: Ideally it would be great if we could all have a 20min nap every afternoon, but this realistically isn't possible for most of us. If you can try and have at least 1 nap a week where you simply lie down, close your eyes and concentrate of your breathing - just relax - this will give your body a recharge.

  • Weekend afternoon naps: If you can't get weekday naps in definitely try to get a nap in on the weekend. Sunday afternoons are often a good time to take time out.

  • Plan your timetable: If you fill up your timetable poorly you can create pressure on yourself to stay up late to get things done. Look over the next couple of weeks and ask yourself: Is this timetable going to make me tired? If the answer is yes, then try and make some adjustments, maybe ask your partner, kids or husband/wife to help you out with a few things.

  • Lasty, don't party too much. At the risk of sounding like your mother, try and take it a bit easy over the next couple of weeks. You have put all this work in towards this goal - remind yourself of why you committed to this in the first place.

While we know these tips are pretty simple most of us don't do them. If you want to feel great leading into the final 2 weeks of training implement a few of these tips and you'll be on the path to success.


What Next?

Next teams start 4 July!
Keep you running with your team 

If you are unsure of which team to do next, have a chat to our coaches at your next session.

Start Date: Monday 4 July
EarlyBird available until: 11.59pm, Monday 27 June
Registrations close: 5.00pm, Sunday 3 July

Register Now:


Running New Zealand north to south on the Te Araroa trail.
A quick snapshot of Jez Bragg's adventure of running 3054km from the tip of the North Island to the tip of the South Island. 

Other News

  • Remember it's time to stay focused and keep turning up!

  • Please be at the sessions on time, if you miss the roll call before the briefing starts please let us know you were there after the session.

This weeks quick tip: 

'When you have a tough day, remind yourself the last time you went well. Just because you have one tough day it doesn't mean that you won't make it. You will have another good run!' - Sue