5km Complete


What a fantastic morning! The conditions were stunning and we had a lot of very happy runners!

We have really enjoyed the last 8 weeks with you all, it is always a privilege for us as a coaching team to see you at your best..even on those tough days. Thank you for being awesome.


Take some time to reflect on what you have achieved over the last 8 weeks - so often we keep looking ahead at the next goal, but it is important to also see how far you have come ;o) We are very proud of you and can't wait to see where you take your running to next level.


Check out the photos we took from your Final Run, click on this image below (or click here if on mobile) to be taken to the Flickr album: 

What Next?

Keep your running routine up!

Our next teams start this week and are the last programmes for 2020. 
If you haven't already registered for Get up to Five or Club10k, you can do so until tomorrow evening (5.00pm, Sunday 25 October). Registrations will close tomorrow night, so please register before then!

Extra Mile Runners Memberships​

If you are a serial Extra Mile Runners runner, our Memberships are the most cost effective way to run with us - and group programmes are included in your membership!

Check out all the details here: 

Final Words

Just finally, on behalf of all of us at Extra Mile Runners, thank you for letting us be part of your running journey over the last 8 weeks. We have really enjoyed getting to know our new faces and help develop those of you who have been with us for a while!

It has been a wonderful team full of amazing people and we are very privileged to have been part of your growth. Hopefully we will see you back soon so we can help take you to the next level within your running. 

Kia Kaha

Your team at Extra Mile Runners


"You can achieve more than you think you can. Putting yourself in a situation that is challenging and an environment that is suppotive brings out the best in us"
- Extra Mile Runners Coaches