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Week 3 Newsletter

Settle in

A couple of interesting sessions...

Week 3 has a couple of interesting sessions. On Monday we have a Mystery Track session - you won't know what this session involves, it will be a good opportunity for you to test your pacing and mental strength when the going gets tough. 
Your Saturday session involves a 5km race after doing a 45min run. This will be challenging because you will already be a little fatigued leading into the 5km race, the best approach to this session is to remind yourself of what you are trying to get out of it.

The key part is to have a quality 5km race, to be able to push hard to the end and maintain efficient movement and high intensity until you cross the finish line. Make sure you take it nice and easy during the 45min out and back run, this should be your casual/gossip running pace, 6/10 intensity.

Keep up the good work in the hill rep sessions. Each week you should be aiming to make small improvements. 

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Week 3 Sessions

  • Monday 6 July, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts
    Mystery HIIT/Track Session
    You will not know what this track session involves, so keep an ear out for the coach calls. The purpose of keeping this session a mystery is to help you learn your pacing strategy and to develop your adaptation skills both physically and mentally when you don’t know what is coming next. 

  • Saturday 11 July, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park (Deans Ave side) Click here
    45mins followed by 5km race. This session is to test your pacing.
    The aim of the session is to have a quality 5km race after you are warmed up and a little fatigued after a 45min run (you will do a 22.5min out and back run before you begin your 5km race).

    Map of 45min run (turnaround 22.5mins on your watch): Click here
    Map of 5km race (out and back to 2.5km marker): Click here​


Course Description

  • 45min run: You start with an easy 45min run (turnaround time 22.5mins). 

    • From the start point, run down the pathway in the middle of the park towards the netball courts.

    • At the end of the pathway turn left and run towards the hospital.

    • Continue around the perimeter of South Hagley Park until your turnaround. 

    • You are running to time for your 45mins day run before your race. Continue around the perimeter of the park for 22.5mins.
      Turnaround at 22.5mins and reverse your course back to the start. 


  • 5km Race: Once back at the start we will start your 5km race.

    • Start off in the same direction as your warm up.

    • At the end of the pathway turn left and run towards the hospital.

    • Continue around the perimeter of South Hagley Park until the 2.5km marker which is on Deans Ave.

    • Turn around and reverse the course back to the finish.

    • This is an out and back course.

5km Race Course Map:
Click on image to enlarge

This weeks quick tip: 

'Gear Bag! Keep one in the car that has gear for every weather condition!' 
- Steve Dowling



Your calves and lower limbs can do a lot of extra work when you are running uphill. One thing that can help you decrease the workload is to make sure that you keep your turnover rate at 180 steps a minute. To do this you may have to decrease your stride length and think 'shorter steps'. This helps because you are spending less time on each footfall as you land. 

Another important thing that you can do when you are doing a lot of hill training is Eccentric Calf Raises. Eccentric Calf Raises are great because they help to develop better strength through the lower limbs and the also help to increase the range of motion through your calfs.

We recommend that you do 3x10 reps on each leg 2-3 times a week during your RaceTeam Epic experience. Just find a step and do them when you are at home.

Click below to see a clip of how they are done -  your calves will thank you for it.
Just start out easy..

Winter Snow

Other News

  • You are doing so well, we know this is challenging but you guys are stepping up to it!

  • Just a reminder to email us if you know you are going to be away - just so we can keep track of how you are going. 


You are going to feel like you are being pushed to the edge with RaceTeam Epic. This week's inspiration is an example of some runners going to that edge!