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Thank you for purchasing a Drop In Session pass

1. Book Sessions & Manage your Passes
Install Our App:

Once you have done that you have access to a portal to:

  • View the Session Timetable and book into sessions.

  • On the Session Timetable, click into individual sessions to see Meeting Points/Times/Details for each 

  • Manage your Drop In Session passes

  • Update your details

Your Drop In Session pass is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase. 
If you book into a session and then cancel it, your pass is still valid and can be used for another session within that 1month period. 

2. At the Session:

Please arrive 5-10mins before the session start time and "check in" with the coach taking the Members Roll Call. Please make sure you book your sessions before you arrive at the session. If you need to cancel your session, you can do this up to 30mins before the session start time. 

3. Session Describer Videos:

At the bottom of this page are videos describing how each session works, please watch these before you come to your first session so you know what the session involves. 

4. Do you need a Training Plan?

If you need help with a training plan for 10k,, half marathon or full marathon, check out our Training Plan Portals:

Session Describers:

If you have any questions about your Drop In Session, please get in touch


See you at the Extra Mile Runners sessions soon. 

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