Covid-19 Protection Framework

Red Level Setting

Updated: 23 January 2022

As we are currently in the Red setting of the Covid Protection Framework, here is how this will affect our sessions: 

The great news is, we can keep our programmes and sessions going. As all of our runners and coaching team are fully vaccinated and have provided (or are required to provide if joining the team) vaccine passes during the registration process, we can operate at the Red Level setting as a business that is using vaccine passes.

We are using the guidelines set out by Sports New Zealand and there are a couple of changes that you will notice at the sessions, and we ask that you help us by being aware of these changes:


Separating groups at meeting points
At some sessions, we will be spacing our groups out. For these affected sessions, when you arrive, our coaches will guide you to your team. 

As the team is under 100 people, no changes are required for you. 


We recommend and encourage everyone to wear a mask before and after the sessions. You do not need to wear a mask when the session starts.

Check in with the coach taking roll call: 
It's important that we know exactly who is at the sessions so please make sure you “check in” when you arrive, please don’t assume a coach has seen you.


No Key Bags:
Please look after your own keys at the sessions so we can limit surface and close contact.


At the sessions: 
We all need to do our best to not get too close to each other. Try and keep a 1 metre distance between yourself and others - especially with members of the public.


And, of course, if you feel unwell or if anyone in your household is unwell, please stay at home and away from the group.

To read the full guidelines for sport and recreation set out by Sports New Zealand at the Red Level Setting: Click here

We will, of course, be keeping a close eye on any changes that may happen and let you know if any changes are made.

Thank you for your understanding of this, let’s keep running!


Kind Regards,


Jo and Bevan

Extra Mile Runners
If you have any questions, please contact us