Covid-19 Alert Level

We are currently at: Alert Level 2

Updated: 12 August 2020

There are a few things you need to know about how Alert Level 2 impacts our sessions.

We are following the guidelines set out by Sports NZ and will be keeping up to date with any changes that may occur as we navigate our way through this. 


  • If you feel unwell or if anyone in your household is unwell please stay at home and away from the group and get tested.

  • Check in with the coach taking roll call: It's important that we know exactly who is at the sessions in case contact tracing is required. Please ensure you check in with the coach at every single session and also keep track yourself of where you have been. 

  • No keybags. In the past we have looked after your keys at the session via a Coaches Key Bag/Box. For now, we ask that you look after your own keys so we can avoid any unnecessary surface contact with others.

  • At the sessions, we all need to do our best to keep to not get too close to each other and take simple, common-sense steps with good hygiene; cover coughs and sneezes with tissues, elbows or clothing and avoid any touching contact with others.​

  • There is  a 100 person limit for any gathering which we are able to adhere to as none of our groups currently have more than 100 people in one place at one time. 

We will keep this page posted with any updates as required.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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