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Week 7 Newsletter

The Home Stretch

2 weeks to go!

We are heading into the final 2 weeks of your programme. Now is a good chance to reflect on how far you have come since you started with Extra Mile Runners and be proud of yourself. 

Also think about how you can finish these 2 weeks strongly, what have you done well to this point? How can you keep your consistency up? And what next? Start thinking about what your next goal is after this programme. 

In just over a week from now many of you will facing your longest run in the programme, this is the last hurdle to overcome before the 10k run day.

When we hit this long run make sure you have put all of what you have learnt into place, by doing this you will have a much higher chance of having a run that you are happy with 😊

Week 7 Sessions




  • Saturday 9 December, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Scott Park, Mt Pleasant
    Map of Run: Click here
    This map is for all of our running groups, you will be doing a portion of this course.

Course Description:

Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety. 

  1. From Scott Park, follow the Coastal Pathway around Beachville Road and all the way out to Sumner. 

  2. At Cave Rock, run along the beachside Esplanade pathway to the end.

  3. At the end of the pathway at Scarborough, turn right and run along Heberden Ave to Nayland St. Continue along Nayland St. 

  4. KM Markers out: 4.5km, 6km, 7km

  5. Turn at your half way marker and reverse the course back to Scott Park

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

What Next?
Thinking about what to do after Club10k?

This is our last Club10k for 2023!

If you would like to keep running with the Extra Mile Runners team, we will have sessions on our Session Timetable that will continue up to and right through Christmas and New Year. 
Our first Club10k team will start the week beginning 15 January 2024.

Members: 6mth or 12mth memberships

Check when your membership expiry date is, and come to unlimited sessions each week during your membership term, just book in to the sessions on the timetable!

Non Members:
You can buy single Drop In Sessions that can be used at any of our sessions on the Session Timetable. They are valid for 1 month from date of purchase, so you can purchase and book in to any session you want to come to. 

Want to find out more about Extra Mile Runners Memberships?


Stitch, the runners curse!

This is an interesting article with a couple of tips on how to treat/prevent this annoying condition that most of us experience at some stage.

Other News

  • If you would like to help your body out, get a sports massage for those tight muscles. We recommend the team at Body Central

  • Remember to stay focused and keep turning up ;-).

This week's quick tip: 

'Focus on your own achievement and don’t compare yourself to others in the group.' – Frances

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