Week 3 Newsletter

You are stepping up!

Focus on technique

Keep up the good work with the track and Strength/Repeat sessions, you have been working really hard and there is a purpose to working at intensity for your running. 

These sessions test you both mentally and physically, and they are very rewarding so keep it going

A reminder to really focus on good technique when you start to fatigue in a session, particularly in the Strength/Repeat session, as the session progresses make sure your strength work within the circuit component isn't compromised. 

Just a note that RaceTeam Queenstown starts this week so you will see them at your track session. Both teams are doing different programmes but just a heads up when you see more faces at the sessions. 

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Week 3 Sessions


  • Monday 14 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Wednesday 16 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


  • Tuesday 15 September, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Thursday 17 September, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


Course Description:
Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety. 

  1. We start by running around Avonhead Park in a clockwise direction  not the full perimeter (see map). 

  2. Once back at the meeting point, continue along the pathway leading out of Avonhead Park. Turn right. 

  3. Run along Hawthornden Road to Kedleston Drive, Turn RIGHT. 

  4. Run around Kedleston Drive coming out onto Apsley Drive, turn right. 

  5. Run along Apsley Drive to Woodbury Street. There is a roundabout here, follow our cones that will lead you to run up Woodbury St to Withells Road. Turn left. 

  6. Run up Withells Road all the way to Avonhead Road, turn left. 

  7. Run along Avonhead Road to Hawthornden Road, turn left. 

  8. Run along Hawthornden Road to Merrin Street, turn left. 

  9. The further point on this course is 6.5km which is on Merrin St. 

  10. Turnaround at your halfway marker and reverse the course. 

  11. Programme Notes:
    Beginner: Jog 3.5km, walk 2.5mins, turnaround, walk 2.5mins then jog 3.5km. Gossip pace. 
    Advanced 13km: Out and back to 6.5km marker. Gossip pace. 
    Return 13km: Out and back to 6.5km marker (you also have pace work, refer to your programme)

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

This weeks quick tip: 

’Make sure you do body care work outside of the sessions. Yoga, massage and gentle stretching. Your body will thank you for it.
- Marie


Good Days and Bad Days

As athletes, we all have bad training days, those days where it feels like you are wearing concrete shoes and no matter what you try nothing seems to be able to turn it around. All runners go through this - it's a part of the sport. Ideally it will be a one off thing and you would find your running mojo again in the next session but if you find that you are having a period where you continually behind the eight ball here are some tips to help you find the other side: 

  • Outside Factors: Are you busy at work or are you staying up too late at night? Outside factors have a massive influence on our running. If you are tired because you are working too hard or aren't getting enough sleep your performance will suffer. Think about the outside factors that you could be affecting your training and then develop a plan to get on top of them.

  • What type of session is this? Every session doesn't need to be run at 100%. When you think about the training programme there are some sessions that require more from you than others. It's a good idea to think about your sessions as A, B, or C sessions. An 'A' session is where you want to be 100% focused on giving everything you have. In Club10k this would be your track session and for Advanced runners the pace session. The 'B' session may be your longer Saturday run and the other sessions would be your 'C' sessions. Thinking about your programme this way helps you to have the right focus for the harder sessions but also allow you some breathing space in the other sessions.

  • Red Flags: Are you getting sick? If you find you have had a few bad training days in a row it may be that you are a bit under the weather at this time of year there are lots of colds and bugs around. Allow yourself to step back from the programme to get yourself right. We know that this isn't ideal as you may want to keep training but if you keep going when you get sick you can prolong the time it takes to recover. By pulling back for a short period of time and focusing on getting better you will be back to running at 100% faster.

  • Where's the enjoyment? Sometimes a loss of mojo can come because running has became a bit 'samey'. In this case do some self reflection and spend some time finding the challenge and enjoyment that you get from running. It may be catching up with mates or aiming for a time that you will know will push you. Finding the enjoyment will help you find the spring in your step again.

If you find you are going through one of those tough patches remember that you can always talk to one of our coaches about it, that's what we are here for ;-)


We talk about cadence/turnover a lot with our runners - it is the key to running efficiency and pace. This is a great clip that gives you an overview about cadence.

Other News

  • Consistency is key - just get to your session and we will look after you. You never regret doing a session, we want to see great consistency with this group. 

  • Remember, the running programme is priority number one in your exercise regime. We know that some of you are cross-training while doing the running programme. Remember that for the next 8 weeks, this should be your priority, then stretching then strengthening. Even if you feel awesome at the end of the week, resist from over training..stick to the programme!

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