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Get up to Five and Club10k

5 Week Registration
27 July - 29 August 

Your next challenge awaits..

Covid-19 disrupted a lot of aspects to our lives - including our group programme schedule for 2020 ;o)

It means that our next programmes will be 5 week programmes to keep you running until our next 8 week programmes start on 29 August - springtime!  

What is the programme? 

The 5 week programme (for both Get up to Five and Club10k) will follow the same format as normal but your challenge is to take the next step up, whether that be in programme level or finding an area of your running where you want to improve for example; consistency, cadence, body care work - make the commitment to focus on that area for the 5 week programme. 

The Details:
5 Week Extension Programme: Week beginning 27 July
Final Run Day: Saturday 29 August
5 week registration fee: $165.00 (or $32.90 per week)

Extra Mile Runners Members:
If you are an Extra Mile Runners member, this registration is included in your membership - see below on how to complete your registration. 

Register Now:
Get up to Five
5 Weeks

Registrations have closed

Register Now:
5 Weeks

Registrations have closed

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