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We help runners of all levels achieve success with their running

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Extra Mile Runners: Run training for all levels of runners 

Does this sound familiar with your running?

  • Do you want to achieve a running goal but are unsure about how to do it?

  • Do you feel you need more motivation for your training?

  • Do you battle with niggles because you go about your training the wrong way? 

  • Do you waste time trying to figure out the best plan for your training?

  • Are you not getting the results you want with your running? 

  • Do you want to train with other people to help make your running fun and enjoyable?

Is this what you want your running experience to be? 

You should be getting these results

If you commit to a running journey you want to

make sure you get results:





Personal Growth

Being in a community

It's our job to help you be successful with all of these

We have trained thousands of people to succeed with their running goals!

We help you be your running best

With the guidance, support and motivation that Extra Mile Runners provides, you can be your running best

'I can't recommend Extra Mile Runners enough, they really care about you succeeding' - Scott Marlin


By having Extra Mile Runners on your team you are making a choice that will develop you, support you and you will be part of a special running community 

How Extra Mile Runners can help you

There are four different ways you can use Extra Mile Runners

to achieve your running goals: 


Group training programmes that guide you every step of the way for specific distances - 5km, 10km, and half marathons



12mth or 6mth Memberships that enable you to come to unlimited sessions each week to fit around your own training schedule 



Drop into any of our weekly sessions when you need to get that key session in each week but struggle to do it on your own



Need a race training plan? We have options.
From one-on-one individual coaching to training plans designed for specific distances/races

Caroline Mitchell

I started with Get Up To Five, then did Club10, then Race Team and the Queenstown Half Marathon. I keep coming back to Extra Mile Runners because the coaches are great, the people are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, everyone (coaches and athletes) are really supportive and it's a genuinely fantastic group to be part of. Caution - running - jogging - walking with Extra Mile Runners is highly addictive!

Johnny Lineham 

Nothing beats running with a group! All the coaches are super knowledgable and encouraging. I've been able to achieve goals I never thought possible a few years ago. More than this tho it's a great community and I really love that all abilities are welcome and find a place here. Doing several of these programs with my wife has meant that we've made friends here and it's a place where we feel at home.

Amanda Jones

Extra Mile Runners is one of the most inspiring and encouraging groups of people I've had the pleasure of meeting! From the awesome coaches, to the members achieving amazing things they never thought possible. 

What people say about us

Who is Extra Mile Runners for?

  • If you are looking to improve your running

  • If you are want to achieve a specific running goal

  • If you are looking to start your running journey

  • If you a want advice and guidance on all aspects of running including the physical and mental side

  • If you need focus with your training and a trusted and proven programme to follow

  • If you find you battle with niggles and injuries when you start a training plan

  • If you are looking for a running community that is fun, inclusive and supportive 

  • If you are coming back from an injury and need a guided programme and a group to train with to get you back on track safely

'I can't recommend Extra Mile Runners enough, they have created something special. They have helped me achieved goals I never thought possible' - Sam




Spend some time looking around our website to see which option works best for you. 


Make your choice and go to the Join Now section on that page and sign up for that option


Once confirmed we'll be in contact with everything you need to know before you start.

'We believe in a running community where all types of people can achieve big goals, a place where we all support each other which helps everyone be better'


- Bevan and Jo (Extra Mile Runners owners)