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Week 5

Meeting Points, Times and Locations for this Week's Sessions

Please 'check in' with the coach when you arrive




Session Description:
You have a "timed" (rather than distance), there are 2 courses for you to follow. Please know the turnaround times and the pace objectives for each set. There is no recovery between each set. 

130min Run:                                        
20mins easy running (turn 10mins) Course 1
60min at race pace (turn 30mins) Course 2
20mins easy running (turn 10mins) Course 1
30mins at race pace (turn 15mins) Course 2


Course 1 Description: 

  1. Start by running along the pathway around the perimeter of Avonhead Park. 

  2. At our markers, turn left and follow the pathway coming out into Greystone Lane. 

  3. Follow our cones and markers that will lead you into Karnak Crescent. 

  4. Continue straight along, following our cones leading you into Woodbury St.

  5. Run to the end of Woodbury St and at the roundabout, turn right into Cutts Road.

  6. At your turnaround time, reverse the course back to the meeting point and start straight into Set 2 on Course 2…

Course 2 Description: 

  1. Run along the pathway leading out of Avonhead Park, turn right. 

  2. Run along Hawthornden Road to Kedleston Drive, turn right. 

  3. Run around Kedleston Drive coming out onto Apsley Drive, turn right. 

  4. Run along Apsley Drive to Woodbury Street. There is a roundabout here, follow our cones that will lead you to run up Woodbury St to Withells Road, turn left. 

  5. Run up Withells Road to Merrin St roundabout. Cross over here and turn left. 

  6. Run up Merrin St to Hawthornden Road, turn right. 

  7. Run up to Avonhead Road, turn right.

  8. Run along to Withells Road, cross over carefully and continue straight onto Avonhead Road. Run along Avonhead Road to Merrin St, turn right. At the end of Merrin St, turn right into Withells Road. 

  1. At your turnaround time, reverse the course back to the meeting point and start straight into Set 3 on Course 1…

16 March Raceteam Course 1.png

Saturday's Course 1 Map
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16 March Raceteam Course 2.png

Saturday's Course 2 Map
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'You can achieve more than you think you can. Putting yourself in a situation that is challenging  and in an environment that is supportive brings out the best in us.'
- Extra Mile Runners coaching team

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