Mountains in Fog

Week 6 Newsletter

We are half way!

10km Hill Race

You are half way through Epic. By now you will be feeling stronger - remember how far you have come since that first session!

Your Week 6 Saturday session is a 10km hill race and it will challenge you. It is a 3 lap course with some steep parts in it. Be strategic on each lap, and think technique when the going gets tough. 

You are doing so well - keep it up, every single session is taking you once step closer to Epic race day. 

Week 6 Sessions

  • Monday 25 July, 6.00am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts
    Mystery Track Session!

  • Saturday 30 July, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: McMillan Reserve, Dyers Pass Road (there are no toilets at this meeting point)
    Course Map: Click here


Course Description

10km Race. This is a 3 lap course. Each lap is 3.33km.  

  • Start at McMillan Reserve and run up the pathway to Dyers Pass Road. Turn right. Follow Dyers Pass Road up to Dusk Cafe (formally The Cup - avoid the temptation to stop for coffee..).

  • At Dusk Cafe, turn right down Hackthorne Road. At the bottom of the hill turn right.
    Follow Cashmere Road along towards Barrington St. 


  • Take care crossing over Valley Road. Continue along until Purau Terrace. Turn right up Purau Terrace.

  • At the end of Purau Terrace there is a pathway that leads through a woodland reserve. Follow our cones. Run up and through this Reserve (could be slippery so take care!) coming out onto Overdale Drive. Turn left.

  • Follow Overdale Drive up to Dyers Road. Turn right.

  • Run up Dyers Road to McMillan Reserve. Repeat x 3 laps

Course Map:
Click on image to enlarge

This weeks quick tip: 

''Strategic running is key for a good performance in a hill race. Work on both the uphill and downhill - remember, downhill is free speed!" 
- Diane


How to breathe whilst running

If we can breathe more efficiently, it cannot only make the whole experience of running more pleasant, but also improve our performance. Even for those that rarely think about their breathing, there is a chance they could do it more effectively.

Your muscles need oxygen to keep moving, your mouth allows you to take in more oxygen than your nose, per breath. But as the intensity increases it’s obviously not a great idea to deprive your body of oxygen, instead you should allow the maximum oxygen uptake - through the mouth. Check out this video for some great tips:

Winter Snow

Other News

  • For the Saturday 10km hill race, you may want to wear a headlamp as the first part of the run will be dark. 

  • You may find that your body is getting tired at this stage in the programme. Remember that you need to be good with stretching and you may even want to get a massage. This will help to keep your body strong over the last few weeks of the programme.  


Lactate burn! Check this out - the steepest race in Europe.