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Foggy Mountains

Week 4 Newsletter

In the groove

5km Hill Time Trial #1

Your Week 4 Wednesday session is a 5km hill time trial. This is a maximum effort session where you are trying to push yourself hard.

While there are plenty of benefits to this session you do want to look after yourself as you head back down the hill.

Remind yourself of these downhill technique tips: Lean forward, fast turn over and don't over stride. By doing these things you will decrease the impact on your body and you will also run faster coming down hill. 

We are looking forward to this time trial, it's one of those times where you are going to be huffing and puffing ;-) 

Week 4 Sessions

You will do a short, flat out and back warm up before you start
your time trial. It is an out and back course, run to 2.5km marker,
turnaround and reverse the course.

Time yourself and record at the end, we do this again in Week 8.

Epic 5km Hil TT 2022.png

5km Time Trial Course Map
Click image to view

Session Description: 100mins rolling hills

  • This is a timed run, everyone is turning at 50mins. Please don't not run to distance. 

  • Always run on the “open” side of the road (either city side or Lyttelton side) not the hill side, you will need to change sides during this run as the road winds around so please take extreme care before you move across. 

  • Watch out for cyclists and others using this road. Do not run in the middle of the road and don’t run more than 2 abreast - try and stay single file. 

  • Watch out for uneven surfaces on this course.

  • Your safety is your own responsibility out there.  

Course Briefing:

  • Follow Summit Road all the way along towards Rapaki Track (do not go down Rapaki Track).

  • Continue along Summit Road all the way until your turnaround time.

  • Turnaround time: 50mins

Course Map:
Click on image to enlarge

This week's quick tip: 

''Keep up the body care work during your training, it's too late when
you get an injury!' 
- Claire


How to race a hill race

With the 5km Time Trial on Wednesday we thought some tips on how to race a hill race would be useful.

Tackling hills during races or important workouts can be daunting. It’s easy to ruin your race by wasting too much energy grinding up a hill or lose big chunks of time by slowing the pace too much.


To handle hills effectively in races, learn to run up and down them by effort, not pace. When you approach the base of a hill, you should already have a good feel for the effort you’re maintaining to keep the pace you need. So if you’re running goal race pace already, you should already know what that pace “feels” like. So, when you begin to ascend up the hill, focus on maintaining the same effort. Obviously, your actual pace will slow even though you’re running the same effort (don’t worry, you’ll make the time up on the downhill). The exact time you’ll “lose” on the uphill will be a function of the steepness and length of the hill.

When you get to the top of the hill and begin the descent, simply maintain the same effort that it took to run your goal pace before you began up the hill. Applying the same effort will now make your pace faster than goal pace. For the most part, this will largely negate most of the time you lost going uphill and you’ll reach the bottom still on target.

The secret behind this strategy is that by maintaining a consistent effort, you won’t lose crucial energy pushing either up or down the hill. Instead of becoming an energy sapping obstacle, the hill will be just another bump in the road and you’ll be able to maintain your pace and stay strong over the remainder of the course.

By improving your form and implementing this simple strategy, you’ll be able to conquer hills of all lengths and inclines. 

Winter Snow

Other News

  • Warm Gear: Make sure you have warm gear for before, during and after your session. Stack the cards in your favour to get your sessions in. Gloves, hats and thermals are key at this time of year. 

  • Please read these newsletters each week as they contain important information you need for the week ahead ;o)


Winter can be the most beautiful time of year to go running. It may be more difficult and discouraging but the silence is deeper, the views are incredible and the feeling afterwards makes it 100% worth it. 

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