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Get your first
3 x Drop In Sessions

for Free

So you can come along and see how we 

can help you be a better runner - available in Christchurch only

Our Drop In Sessions help you achieve more with your running

Each week we have coach-lead group training sessions that help you achieve levels with your running that you couldn't achieve by yourself. They are motivating, supportive and fun. 

Our Drop In Sessions cover all of the key sessions you need for running growth and success.

These sessions include:

  • Strength Repeats - Strength circuits with short running intervals to make you stronger

  • Mid to High Pace Sessions - 60- 80min pace sessions working to improve your 10km to Half Marathon Pace

  • Track Intervals - An intense track interval session for your top end training

  • Endurance Session - Longer runs to build your endurance foundations and prepare you for Half Marathons or longer

group young athletes running in autumn w

'The benefits of these focused sessions are huge for your running. You'll get stronger, fitter and faster. Being in a group that is guided by an experienced coach allows you learn and experience motivation you couldn't achieve by yourself' - Coach Bevan

Come and try our sessions for free

If you are brand new to what we do at Extra Mile Runners, we want you to come and see how we can help you become a better runner

We are offering you 3 x Drop In Sessions (valued at $45) for free!

Watch this video to find out how you can get your 3 free sessions

If you want to become a better runner, to be fitter, faster and stronger you need to successfully hit the objectives of each of these sessions

There are 4 easy steps to get your
3 x Free Drop In Sessions 

(Available in Christchurch only)

Step 1

To get your 3 x Free Drop In Sessions:


Click on this link  

Step 2

Once there fill in your details and enter in this
discount code: 


Step 3

Go to your Inbox for your confirmation email which has all the details of how to book your sessions

Step 4

Go to the Extra Mile Runners Session Timetable to book your sessions!

From there you can come along and find your next level with Extra Mile Runners

3 free drop ins

Do you have a question for us?

Feel free to get in touch via our Contact page

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