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5km & 10km Complete


Well done team!

It was a great morning for your final 5km and 10km runs, it was a great morning and a fantastic way to finish off the last 8 weeks. 

Thank you for being part of Extra Mile Runners. As always, it's a pleasure helping you develop yourselves and we are grateful to be able to get an awesome group of people together in a positive environment where you support each other like legends!

That looks like a pretty happy bunch of runners at the start line 🤩



Coach Rachel took some awesome photos (and videos) from this morning, you can check them out on the:
Get up to Five Private Facebook Group: Click here 
Club10k Private Facebook Group: Click here

If you aren't already a member of this private group - request access by clicking on the link above and we will approve your access. 


Next Programmes
Start 1 July

Our next teams start this week!
The week beginning Monday 1 July.

Register below and keep your routine up with your team.

Registrations close: 5pm, Sunday 30 June

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Final Words

Just finally, on behalf of all of us at Extra Mile Runners, thank you for letting us be part of your running journey. You have been a wonderful team full of amazing people and we are very privileged to have been part of your growth. 

Kia Kaha,

From everyone at Extra Mile Runners: Coach Rach, Coach Lua, Coach Julie, Coach Hazel, Coach Ange, Coach Sabrina, Coach Dhvanil, Sam, Jo and Bevan - you rock!!

'You can achieve more than you think you can. Putting yourself in a situation that is challenging and an environment that is supportive brings out the best in us.'

-  Extra Mile Runners coaching team

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