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5km & 10km complete


Well done team!

What a great way to finish off 2023!! It was an awesome morning for your final 5km and 10km runs and to wrap up the last 8 weeks. It's crazy to think Christmas is just around the corner.....time flies when you have a running routine and a great group of people around you!

Thank you for being part of Extra Mile Runners. It's always a pleasure helping you develop yourselves and we are grateful to be able to get an awesome group of people together in a positive environment where you support each other like legends!



Coach Rachel took some awesome photos from this morning, you can check them out on the:
Get up to Five Private Facebook Group: Click here 
Club10k Private Facebook Group: Click here

If you aren't already a member of this private group - request access by clicking on the link above and we will approve your access. 


Reflect, Recover & Reset

Where to from here?

Now is the time to reflect on how far you have come with your team. Think back to that very first session with us and see how far you have progressed. Be proud of what you have achieved and take some time to think about how this experience has improved your life in other areas.


We have created a Reflection and Reset document for you to work through when you have a moment to yourself. It's a great way to make sure you think about what you have achieved and how and who helped you to be successful along the way. So grab a cuppa or a coffee, find a quiet space and spend some time on this stuff - it's important and a nice way to wrap up and think about what running has added to your life.

Download your Reflection and Reset document here:   



Next Programmes
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Monday 23 October

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We would love to see you back running with your team and help you keep your running routine in place. 

Final Words

Just finally, on behalf of all of us at Extra Mile Runners, thank you for letting us be part of your running journey. You have been a wonderful team full of amazing people and we are very privileged to have been part of your growth. 

Kia Kaha,

From everyone at Extra Mile Runners: Coach Rach, Coach Lua, Coach Julie, Coach Hazel, Coach Ange, Coach Kate, Sam, Jo and Bevan - you rock!!

'You can achieve more than you think you can. Putting yourself in a situation that is challenging and an environment that is supportive brings out the best in us.'

-  Extra Mile Runners coaching team

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