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We help people train for successful half marathons

Turn up on race day 100% ready to go - Follow a focussed training plan - Run a half marathon!

The Complete Half Marathon Group Training Programme

Are you feeling a little lost with your training for a Half Marathon? 

  • Are you confused about how and where to start with your training? 

  • Do you struggle to stay motivated with your running? 

  • Do you sign up for races but feel that you are never quite prepared enough?

  • Do you want an environment to give you support and technique advice from a coach?

  • Do you often end up getting niggles or injuries?  

  • Do you feel you need more than just a downloadable programme to follow?

  • Do you want to be more focussed on your training?

  • Do you want to train with a team full of support?


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The RaceTeam Difference:

We have the proven formula that will create success for your
Half Marathon goal

It's our '4 Step Half Marathon Training Plan' 

'If I'm going to train for a race and put time into it, I want to have the best guidance' - Tim

Step 1

Programme PNG.png

The RaceTeam programme has the key sessions you need to be successful with your training.

Step 2

Head Coach PNG.png

Our coaches/mentors guide you through your journey. They educate, motivate, and support you.

Step 3


The group environment is vital. It motivates and supports you and it's fun!

Step 4


You get fitter, healthier, and achieve a goal that is important to you. 

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RaceTeam has helped over 3000 people be successful with their half marathon

What people say about RaceTeam

These people have trained with RaceTeam and have achieved their half marathon goal, 
you could be the next success story

Melissa Temple

'RaceTeam was by far the most organised and professional, but still fun group I have ever run with. I have been a runner all my life and have run with different groups in both Ireland and Auckland, and this one takes the cake."


Amanda Polkinghourne

'I never would have achieved this goal without your support and guidance and for this I want to say a huge thanks!!! I've learnt heaps about myself and how I can achieve my goals in the future.'


John Thompson

 'The team environment made me truly enjoy myself, a thought I would have previously believed to be mad!. This journey has taught me a lot about myself and the contentment that comes from doing something that is so challenging, rewarding and good for you!'


How does RaceTeam work? 

RaceTeam is a 10 week group training programme focussed on a specific half marathon event. There are 4 x RaceTeam programmes scheduled each year. 
RaceTeam is available in Christchurch only. 

RaceTeam that has been designed for people who; want to run their first half marathon or who are aiming for a PB or want to learn the right way to focus their training to decrease the risk of injuries.

Let's face it, most of us can run one pace, but how do you take your running to the next level?

Watch this video to discover how RaceTeam helps you get to the finish line of your half marathon:

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Who is RaceTeam for? 

Since 2008 we have been training all levels of runners to half marathon success, here are some of the reasons why people do RaceTeam:

  • You want to complete your first half marathon but are unsure where to start with your training 

  • You want to improve your pace or aim for a PB

  • You feel you aren't improving with your running and want to find your next level through coach guidance

  • You want a coaching team to support you in your journey, not just physically but also with the mental side of running

  • You would like to train in a group environment for a race

  • You want to find your next level of motivation

  • You want to turn up race day knowing you have done everything possible to be successful in your event

  • You simply want to learn how to improve your running​ to reduce injuries and niggles

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What people are saying about


Hear what our own runner's say about RaceTeam:

'Do it now because you won't regret it' -  Wendy 

'I've beaten my personal bests. Every year I'm getting quicker' - Rob

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What's my investment?

How often have you started a training plan and may have fallen off the wagon with it? Have you found that niggles and injuries have prevented you from achieving your half marathon goal? Are you finding your running isn't improving no matter how much training you do on your own? Have you lost your mojo with training? 

Now is the time for change and RaceTeam can help take you to that next level.

What's included with RaceTeam?

  • The 10 week RaceTeam training programme with three levels to choose from for different abilities

  • 30 group training sessions: 3 group training sessions per week

  • Coaches to support and guide you at every session

  • Education around everything you need for success - including correct running technique, race day nutrition, race day planning and mental strategies for your running

  • A group of like-minded people to share your journey with which will also give you high level motivation.

  • A 100% money back guarantee

Earlybird registration is $32.90 per week or 1 x payment of $329

'RaceTeam has everything you need for success. I took 15mins off my personal best, I would have never done this without RaceTeam' - Gavin

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There are 4 easy steps to joining

Step 1

Go to the
'Join Now' 
section on this page

Step 2

Choose your payment option: either 1 x payment or 10 x weekly payments

Step 3

Go through the payment process and registration process

Step 4

Once confirmed we will send you everything you need to know before we start!

Join RaceTeam Now

(Available in Christchurch only)

The next RaceTeam is: 
RaceTeam Queenstown 2021
Training for: Queenstown Half Marathon, 20 November 2021
RaceTeam Start Date: Week beginning 13 September

Registrations open now!
Earlybird is available until 11.59pm, Monday 6 September
When the countdown clock hits zero, the standard rate applies:

RaceTeam Queenstown 2021
(available in Christchurch only)

What's included with RaceTeam?

  • The 10 week RaceTeam training programme with 2 levels to choose from to suit your current ability

  • 30 group training sessions: 3 x coach-lead sessions per week

  • Coaches to support and guide you at every session.

  • Education around everything you need for success - including correct running technique and mental strategies

  • A group of like-minded people to share your journey with

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Choose your preferred payment option:

*If you choose the weekly payment option, your first payment will be made straight away and then weekly until all 10 payments are complete. Payments will then stop automatically.

Direct Credit Payments:
If you would prefer to pay by direct credit, contact us and we will will send you the details. 

100% Guarantee

RT Join Now

We take all the risk - our guarantee

We are so convinced that this will work for you we offer our 'we are committed to you' 100% money back guarantee. 

It's a simple as that, what have you got to lose?


Do you have a question for us?

We have all of the answers to our FAQ's below but if you would like to talk to someone you can call Coach Bevan on 021869086

You can also email us by clicking here

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