RaceTeam K2M Complete


Congratulations team! Well done, there were a lot of very happy, wet and muddy runners at that finish line, it was awesome to experience a different event - so many gutsy efforts out there today. 

We have really enjoyed the last 10 weeks with you all, you took this challenge on and we always feel privileged as a coaching team to see you at your best..even on those tough days.  


Take some time to reflect on what you have achieved over the last 10 weeks, now it's time to recover but don't leave it too long to reset  your next goal.

We are very proud of you, have enjoyed every session with you, we hope you are taking some great memories away from this team.



Check out the photos we took at the race, click on this image below to view the Flickr album:
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What Next?

Recover, reflect and reset

After you have recovered, you want to get back into a routine with your running. Take some time to consider what you want to do over the coming weeks, you may not have a race or event to focus on, so look to use this period to just enjoy running with the team. Do you want to get in a couple of group sessions each week? Do you want to add in a track session into your own training?
Whatever your focus is - we would love to see you at the sessions.

How to keep running with the Extra Mile Runners team:

RaceTeam Epic 2021

If you would like to continue on with RaceTeam after your K2M event, RaceTeam Epic is our next half marathon group programme. RaceTeam Epic starts 21 June and is a morning programme only. 

Drop In Sessions
If you want to come to 1 or 2 sessions a week with the team you can buy single session passes. They are valid for 1 month from date of purchase and you can use them for any session on our timetable to fit in around your own training..

Extra Mile Runners Memberships

If you are a serial Extra Mile Runners runner, our Memberships are the most cost effective way to run with us. You can come to unlimited sessions each week and group programmes are included in your membership (Get up to Five, Club10k and RaceTeam). Check out all the details here: 

Already an Extra Mile Runners Member?

You can come to unlimited  sessions ​each week as part of your membership, so check out the Session Timetable and book in!

Final Words

Just finally, on behalf of all of us at Extra Mile Runners, thank you for letting us be part of your journey over the last 10 weeks. We have really enjoyed getting to know our new faces and help develop those of you who have been with us for a while! It has been a wonderful team full of amazing people and we are very privileged to have been part of your growth. 

Kia Kaha

Your team at Extra Mile Runners

'You can achieve more than you think you can. Putting yourself in a situation that is challenging  and in an environment that is supportive brings out the best in us.'
- Extra Mile Runners coaching team