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Week 6 Newsletter

Half Way!

Keep up your consistency

We have to say that we are impressed with how you are handling the Track and Pace sessions, they are tough and have been designed to push you both physically and mentally - you really are all doing well in these sessions.

We are just about to hit half way in the programme. Focus on one session at a time and get to the group sessions - every session will count when you are standing at the start line.

Week 6 Sessions




Race Day Practice Session

We want you to treat this Saturday like it's race day with regards to preparation and the session itself, we want to leave as little to chance as possible on race day, so this is a great opportunity to practice this stuff.

Here's a quick video from Coach Bevan giving you an overview of how to approach this session and why it's important: 



Course Description:
This is a 7.5km lap. Each programme level has an “out and back” section first, then do your laps (see below).

  1. Run around Hansen Park in an anti-clockwise direction coming out onto Louisson Place. Follow our cones onto Ford Road.

  2. Run up Ford Road to Fifield Tce. Turn right.

  3. Run along Fifield Tce to Ensors Road. Follow our cones over the bridge and onto the other side of the river - you are now on Riverlaw Tce running back towards Hansen Park. 

  4. Continue along the river to Armstrong Ave, turn right running up to Centaurus Road.

  5. Cross over and run along Centaurus Road. Cross where we indicate and run straight up and over the “bump”. You will continue straight, now on Port Hills Road.

  6. At Opawa Road, turn left and run along to Hillsborough Park. 

  7. Run into and through Hillsborough Park, coming out onto Bishopsworth St. Turn right. 

  8. Run up to Grange St and turn left. 

  9. At the end turn left and run along Aynsley Tce - following our signage for “Raceteam and long run”  through the reserve, coming out onto Riverlaw Tce. 

  10. Cross over the small bridge, coming back into Hansen Park. That is 1 x Lap. 


Beginner: Out and back to 1.5km marker then 2 x laps
Intermediate: Out and back to 3km then 2 x laps
Advanced: Out and back to 250m then 3 x laps

Water Station:

There will be 1 x water station on this course, at the start point .
Water and cups will be provided, please carry any nutrition you need with you. You can leave any drink bottles here at the start. 

Saturday's Course:
Click on image to enlarge

This week's quick tip: 

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you need to take it easy because you have had a busy day and are tired'
- Ange 


Reflection, Reset and Rest

Reflection and Reset

First of all, make sure you spend a bit of time this week reflecting on what you  have achieved so far. You have experienced some tough challenges over the last 5 weeks and everyone in the crew has shown amazing character.

We are often so busy looking towards the next session and next challenge we often forget to take a minute to reflect and congratulate ourselves on our work so make sure you do this before you reset and look towards the second half of the programme. Keep up the good work. 


In last week's newsletter we talked about good recovery strategies around nutrition and body - we want to now remind you about using good rest strategies. You are half way through the programme and your bodies have been working hard. 

We all lead busy lives, but try to get to bed on time, if you know you need 8 hours of sleep a night - then do everything you can to make that happen, other tips:

  • Don't play with your phone once in bed

  • Try to limit bright lights/devices with backlit surfaces when you are in bed

  • Have a calming hot drink before you hit the sack

  • Limit caffeine after a certain time of day if you know that can keep you awake

  • Sneak in a 15-20min nap over the weekend if you can

  • Have a relaxing bath if you are feeling anxious or have muscle soreness

  • Ask your partner or shout yourself a massage to help you deserve it!

All of these little things can help your body recover as the programme progresses from here. 

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