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Race Day Newsletter
Wellington Half Marathon 2022

It's on!

We are heading to Wellington! After 10 weeks of training for this race, it's on and you are going to be tested on Sunday. 

There will be some confronting and challenging moments, get ready to embrace these challenges. Trust the programme, we can't wait to see you cross that finish line - have fun!!

Wellington Half Marathon 

Sunday 19 June 2022
Half Marathon Start Time: 8.45am 
Be familiar with the race details: Race Website

Raceteam Meeting Point:
Meet from 7.30am for a team photo at 8.15am
Meeting Location: Pavillion Bar, inside main entrance (see map below)


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Things to think about in the lead up to race day

Day Before

Race Pack Pick Up
Know when/where this can be done. Click here for details

You can't do this on race day morning.

Double check your gear!:
Check the weather forecast and make sure you have the right gear for the conditions. Go through your gear checklist to ensure you have everything ready to go, think about things like:


  • Is your watch charged?

  • Do you have your pre/during/post race nutrition ready?

  • Do you have all your race gear ready? (including layers for unpredictable weather conditions)

  • Do you have wet weather gear just in case?

  • Warm, dry layers for pre and post race

We want to eliminate any unnecessary stress on race day morning so taking time to think this through and make your own checklist now means one less thing to do on race morning. 


Just a reminder to check the weather forecast and be prepared for all weather. Please have layers and wet weather gear on standby just in case. Be warm before the run and have dry, warm gear for afterwards.

Race Day

Meeting Time at Half Marathon Start:
Meet from 7.30am for a team photo at 8.15am, see above for meeting point.  We will have a quick team photo, you can then do your last minute race preparations.

Warm Up!
Make sure you warm up before race start! Go for an easy jog and have warm gear on while you wait around for the race to start, just keep warm. If wet, a plastic poncho from the $2 shop is a great idea, grab one just in case!


Run your race and be awesome ;o)

Post Race

Be Warm and Re-fuel

You will cool down pretty quickly after your race so make sure you have warm, dry gear to get changed into. Also have some good, healthy post race nutrition at the ready - hydrate and have some protein (muscle repair). Eggs, bananas, protein shakes, nuts are all good choices. 

Post Race Doo

We have a post race catch up, a chance to hear your stories before you make your own plans for dinner. 
When: Sunday 19 June, 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Where: Foxglove Bar, 33 Queens Wharf

Post Race Tips

After we finish a race we are on a high and sometimes we forget to look after our bodies post race.
Here are some tips for after your race that will help you to recover as best you can:


  • Have warm gear for immediately after your run

  • Have some protein ready for after your run to assist with muscle repair (protein shake, banana)

  • Rehydrate (preferably with water ;o))

  • Stretch, legs up the wall

  • Enjoy the feeling of what you have just achieved

  • Celebrate!

Use good recovery strategies in the days following your race. Your body will be put under stress so it needs time to recover. Go for some walks in the week following and continue to stretch.

Contact Us

If you need to contact Jo or Bevan at anytime, here are their mobile numbers:
Jo: 021 903388
Bevan: 021 869086