We are just about to hit half way in the programme. Focus on one session at a time and get to the group sessions - every session will count when you are standing at the start line.

Programme Notes:

This week we have another early start on Monday (for the morning crew) and a 7.00am start on Saturday for everyone for your Race Day Practice session.  Please check out the session details below so you turn up at the right time! We also have your second 5km Time Trial this week, so a good chance to readjust your paces if needed for the second half of the programme.

Head Lamps:
The mornings are dark now so please bring a headlamp to your morning sessions. This is so you can see but also so others in the park can see you! 

Water Station: 

There will be 1 x water station on this course at the start/finish point. Water will be provided at this station, please carry any nutrition with you. You will be able to leave your water bottles at this station before your run starts if you want to. 

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