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Week 4 Newsletter

We are well underway

Interesting Saturday session before hitting the long runs

Week 4 includes a 5km race within an 80min run - time to test the intensity and fitness before we hit the long runs in your programme. 

You are doing well, focus on one session at a time and embrace this experience. Remember - every session counts and time will fly by, before you know it you will be at the start line of your race. 


Check out your programme this week as your Pace session is a different session.

Week 4 Sessions




Course Description: 10km Race (reassess VDot)
Please run on the pathway at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and watch out of scooters, e-bikes and others using the park. Be responsible for your own safety.


  1. You will do a warm up first before we start your 10km race.

  2. We start by running up the pathway towards the netball courts, turn right towards Moorhouse Ave.

  3. Follow the perimeter of the park all the way around to the 5km marker. 

  4. Turnaround and reverse the course back to the finish. 

    Time yourself for this 10km race and re-do your VDot based on this time and adjust your paces accordingly for the sessions going forward. 

7 October South Hagley Park .png

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

This week's quick tip: 

'Replace shoes at the first signs of wear. Get good padded socks for running. Vasaline up your feet to harden up your feet to stop getting blisters. Look after your feet especially check for calluses that may build up due to the added strain, pounding, new running shoes' - Corinna


Race Day Nutrition

Earlier this week we sent you an email about Race Day Nutrition. In that email we include an interview with one of New Zealand's leading Sports Nutritionists, Ien Hellemans talking about why race nutrition is so important, what nutrition you need and when you need it - pre-race, during and post-race.

Also included in that email is a video about how to make your own Race Day Nutrition Plan.

With our long runs coming up in Weeks 5, 6 & 7, now is the time to create your plan so you can practice it in these longs runs so there are no nasty surprises on race day!

Make sure you check it out - having the right nutrition during your race massively improves performance. 

Other News

  • Track Sessions: Just a reminder to please pass on the outside if you are overtaking a slower runner. We all need to be considerate of each other - even if we are stuffed!

  • Please make sure you "check in" at each session and on Saturday's please sign in on the table - so we know who is at the sessions. 

  • Keep up the good work team. You are working hard in the key sessions - you are building strength and we can see the progress.

  • Remember the mantra - Consistency is Key.

  • Be kind to yourselves, your bodies are being tested - look after it with massage,  baths and stretching.

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