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Embrace Running For A Life Changing Journey:

Enhance Confidence, Harness Energy, Stay Inspired, And Accomplish A Goal That Will Wow Your Friends!

Achieve this and so much more with our beginner 5km programme - Get up to Five

Our next groups start:
1 July 2024

Registrations will open here on
3 June, that's in...

Our Crazy Guarantee
If you don't run 5km we'll refund your payment

Does this sound familiar with

your fitness? 

  • Are you currently not exercising but know you should?

  • Have you ever told yourself that you can't run?

  • Are you struggling with your health, fitness and wellbeing? 

  • Does the idea of exercise sometimes make you feel disappointed or guilty?

  • Do you sometimes feel you may fail with exercise

  • Have you tried to run or exercise in the past but didn't know where to start or didn't stick with it?

  • Would you like to put some time back into yourself and do something for you?


Are you sick 'n' tired of your current level of fitness? 

Are you in a place where...

Feel you are always tired and have no energy.

Are limiting your life experiences because you feel can't participate due to your fitness.

Feel you are lazy and unmotivated.

Know you need to make changes with your body.

You don't feel great about yourself with your health and fitness. 

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With Get up to Five you'll get to a place where you are
proud of your fitness

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We have helped over 4000 people change their life by running 5km...will you be next?

Shelley ran 5km

Nic ran 5km

Georgia ran 5km

Libby ran 5km

Diane ran 5km

Chris ran 5km

Becs ran 5km

Julia ran 5km

'This is the best fitness programme I have ever experienced, it really works' - Robyn

​Have questions? FAQ's /How it Works /Contact Us

We make it easy for you to achieve this goal

'This works so well, I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to be successful' - Kirsten

And we help you achieve this amazing goal in just 56 days! 

What people are saying about
Get up to Five

We help everyday people achieve amazing things

I have always felt encouraged and supported

 From the moment I turned up to that very first session of Get up to Five I have always felt encouraged, supported and most of all never judged! ​​​​​​​Much aroha'  - Tracy


It is well paced and achievable for anyone

'I am so happy that I found a group that is supportive and so much fun. I love this programme, it is well paced and achievable for anyone. I have learnt that if I believe it, I can do it. - Elspeth


It was a great feeling to realise I could actually run 5km

'I really enjoyed the programme and found everyone very encouraging. As the programme progressed and we were running more and walking less it was a great feeling to realise I could actually run 5kms. - Michelle


​Have questions? FAQ's /How it Works /Contact Us

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Introducing the Get up to Five '56 Days to 5km Challenge'

'The Total Beginner Running Challenge Designed By A World Leading Fitness Professional That Has Absolutely Everything You Need To Successfully Run 5km

All the programming you need

Wise mentoring and coaching 

every step of the way




A fun and enjoyable experience

Most importantly, the resutls you want

We deliver...

You won't get lost or confused

You will do the work and create change

You will be excited about what you are doing

You won't feel alone

You will achieve your goals

You will want to do it

You will become the person that you want to be with your health and fitness

Which means...

What you get when you join the Get up to Five
'56 Days to 5km Challenge'

Our Challenge has every component you need to run 5km. If you don't have all of these, you are setting yourself up to fail 

1. Total Beginner 5km Running Programme

The Complete Programme Package -
With Strength, Walk/Run and

Pink Flat Lay Tablet MockUp Pinterest Pin (1000 x 1200 px) (900 x 1200 px)-6.png
  • Our proven, trusted and successful programme is designed for absolute beginner runners, which includes beginner strength work, a perfectly balanced walk/run programme, and all of the body care work beginners need. 

  • This programme is proven to work - we have trained thousands with it!

Our wisely planned training programme unlocks the secret for you to safely go from doing nothing to running 5km in 56 days.

Total Value: $77


2. 24 Amazing Group Sessions

Our Proven Motivator: A Group Where Everyone Is Heading Towards The Same Goal

24 group training sessions with people of the same ability all moving toward the goal of running 5km.

  • Our group training sessions hold the key to making you feel supported, motivated, and accountable with your running buddies. 

  • You’ll feel part of a community that is all moving towards the same goal. 

  • You’ll experience motivation and support like you never have before, which will lift you up on your journey to running 5km.

Total Value: $357

3. The Coaching Team

Experienced Coaches That Have Trained
Thousands Of Beginners

  • With our coaches besides you at every session, you'll know how to make the best decisions at every point along the way.

  • You'll avoid all of the mistakes most beginners make, you'll feel supported and you'll actually run 5km.


Our coaching team has successfully helped over 4000 non-runners run 5km. They know how to guide you to success.

Total Value: $247


4. Beginner Runner
Technique Workshop

Learn How To Move Safely And Effectively Is Key To Your Success

This 40 minute beginner runners technique video workshop makes it simple for you to learn and apply the four key areas needed for good beginner running technique.

  • You will learn how to move in the safest, most efficient way possible. 

  • This will help you avoid injury and get better results from your running. .

Total Value: $67

5. Injury Prevention Video

We Teach You How To Look After Your
Body Throughout Your Journey

  • So, if you do get an injury or niggle, you will know what to do to stay on track.

  • You'll stay on your running journey because you know how to look after your body.


Total Value: $47

Our Injury Management Explained video teaches you how to deal with common injuries that beginners often face.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 5.13.08 AM.jpeg

6. Your 5km Finishers Medal

A Keepsake You Will Want To Share With Your World

When you run 5km you'll get your Get up to Five 5km finishers medal.

  • Our 5km medal will be the icing on the cake when you cross your 5km finish line. 

  • Imagine how proud you will be after earning this medal and wearing it around your neck. It will be something you will keep forever. 

Total Value: $27

That's a total value of 

The good news is, you will pay nowhere near this much!


Check out these inspirational video testimonials

'I've found a programme that I love' - Lisa

' I feel successful and I've learnt that I have resilience' - Becs

'It is supportive, encouraging and fun'
- Cat

'There's no exercise group like this'

- Julia

'I've lost weight and I'm the fittest I've been in years' - Tim

'I feel alive, I have more energy and I'm happier' 

'I feel better when I'm out and about' - Fiona

'I'm fitter and I'm feeling motivated' - Laura

Running Shoes

Plus get these amazing bonuses

Bonus #1:

9 Weekly 'Life Coaching' Video Sessions With Award-Winning Fitness Professional
Bevan James Eyles


Top motivational techniques

How to practically fit exercise successfully into your life

How to safely and wisely manage your exercise workouts

How to create your support network

How to manage your energy through nutrition

How to keep on track at all times, even if you have a bad day

How to inspire others with your journey

How to celebrate and own your growth and success

How to successfully run your 5km run! 

The 9 x weekly 25-40min video 'life coaching' sessions teach you every lesson you need along the way, at the right times, such as:


These mentoring sessions are so important, they include everything you need to be successful. If you feel you need it, it's in there. 

Total Value $397


Bonus #2:

Beginner Yoga Video

Our beginner yoga video is designed for people that haven't exercised/run in a long time. 

It's another way to look after your body and mind

You will stay relaxed, feel great and have some time for yourself

Total Value $27

Total value of the bonuses:

Again, you'll pay way less than this!

Our crazy guarantee

It's Simple, If You Don't Run 5km, We Will Refund Your Payment.

What Have You Got To Lose?


More inspiring testimonials

Would you like to experience the results these people have?

'I'm fitter than I've ever been'

'I love that running 5km has given me energy and I feel so much fitter. I'm fitter than I've ever been, well, since high school'.


Aaron Toohey

'I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time'

'I've just finished my 5km run and I'm feeling on top of the world. I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time. Thank you Bevan for this amazing programme'


Bronwyn Duncraft

'I love how this made me put myself first'

'I love how this made me put myself first. It's been such a long time since I've done that. Running 5km is amazing but this is just as powerful'


Julie Taylor

​Have questions? FAQ's /How it Works /Contact Us

Couple Running

When you register

You get all of this...

1. Total Beginner 5km Programme - Value $77

2. 24 Amazing Group Training Sessions - Value $357

3. The Coaching Team - Value $247

4. Your Very Own 5km Finishers Medal - Value $27

5. Beginner Runners Technique Workshop - Value $67

6. Injury Prevention Video - Value $67

7. Facebook Group - Priceless

Bonus 1: 9 Weekly Life Coaching Sessions With Bevan James Eyles - Value $397

Bonus 2: Beginner Yoga Workout - Value $27

Total Value: $1266

But you only pay $327

Or 8 weekly payments of $40.88 (Total $327)


Registrations will open soon

Our next teams start 1 July
Registrations will open here on 3 June, that's in...

Join Now
There are three easy steps:


Choose The Payment Plan You Want


Go Through The Payment Process


We'll Get You Started On Your Journey

Get started - Register here
You will be running 5km in just 56 days!

Join Now

Two Payment Options: 

- One Off Payment of $327

- 8 Weekly Payments of $40.88*

Registrations open 3 June

Direct Credit:
If you would prefer to pay by Direct Credit, email us and we will send you the details. 

*If you choose the weekly payment option, your first payment will be made straight away then weekly until all 8 payments are complete. Payments will then automatically stop. 

Get up to Five 

Two Payment Options: 

- One Off Payment of $327
- 8 Weekly Payments of $40.88*

Registrations open 3 June

Direct Credit:
If you would prefer to pay by Direct Credit, email us and we will send you the details. 

*If you choose the weekly payment option, your first payment will be made straight away then weekly until all 8 payments are complete. Payments will then automatically stop. 

Get up to Five 

'We spend money on clothes, going out, and coffee. If we can't spend money on our health and fitness, what are we doing?'

 - Terese Smail (who ran 5km with the challenge)


Don't forget Our Guarantee
If you don't run 5km, we will refund your payment

How it Works

The Details

Get up to Five is an 8 week group training programme with 3 x group sessions each week. Our coaching team guides you through each session as you follow the Get up to Five programme. 

There are 3 levels of programme to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You choose which level you follow depending on your ability and what feels comfortable to you when you start with the group. 

Each session has 3 sections:

  1. Body weight strength circuit lead by our coaches. The strength movements you do focus specifically on the key areas of the body that needs to get stronger for the running movement.

  2. After the strength circuit you move on to the walk/jog section

  3. Stretch at the end of the session. 

  4. All sessions are 60mins in duration. 

Session Locations and Times

Morning and Evening weekday sessions available. When you register you choose which group you will do.


Morning Team:
Monday 6.00am, Armagh Street Bridge, Nth Hagley Park
Wednesday 6.00am: Hagley Netball Courts, Sth Hagley Park
Saturday 7.30am: Various Locations*

Evening Team:
Tuesday 5.40pm: Hagley Netball Courts, Sth Hagley Park
Thursday 5.40pm: Armagh Street Bridge, Nth Hagley Park
Saturday 7.30am: Various Locations*

Morning session times only. 

Monday 6.00am, Waitangi Park
Wednesday 6.00am: Waitangi Park
Saturday 7.30am: Various locations around the Wellington city area*

*The Saturday morning runs begin at 7:30am. These sessions are held at different locations around your city. The weekly email we send you will outline the meeting location and route of that week's Saturday session.


Final 5km Run

At the conclusion of your 8 week programme you will do your final 5km non-stop run!

Do you have a question for us?

We have all of the answers to our FAQ's below but if you would like to talk to someone you can call Coach Bevan on 021869086

You can also email us by clicking here


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