Week 2 Newsletter

Settle In

Work on the habit

Week 1 down, you are doing well. Body care work is so important for a runner, you don't want to wait until you get a niggle to get this in. Remember light self massage and stretching at the end of your session is important!

We have quite a few new faces with the group, so go and say hi and help them integrate into the Extra Mile Runners environment ;o). 

We are looking forward to watching your development over the next 7 weeks. 


Week 2 Sessions


  • Monday 16 May, 6.00am
    Meeting Point: North Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Armagh St Bridge

  • Wednesday 18 May, 6.00am
    Meeting Point: Deans Ave side of South Hagley Park

    Map of Meeting Point: Click here


  • Tuesday 17 May, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Thursday 19 May, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: North Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Armagh St Bridge


  • Saturday 21 May, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Hansen Park, Opawa
    Map of Run: Click here

    Note: We have one of our teams (Raceteam) starting at 7.00am so don't panic if you see runners out there already and cars in the carpark. See map below for meeting point and parking options.

Course Description:

  • All roads are open, please run on footpath at all times

  • Take care at busy road crossings

  • Be alert at all times, watch out for cars backing out of driveways

  • There are some uneven surfaces on this course so watch your footing

  • Your safety is your responsibility

  1. After your strength circuit, we start your walk/jog sets.​

  2. Run down Fifield Tce following the river (on your left) to Ensors Road - DO NOT CROSS OVER.

  3. Follow our cones that will cross you over onto the other side of the river and onto Riverlaw Terrace. You will now be on the opposite side of the river running back towards Hansen Park.

  4. For our Return programme, the 2.5km marker will be on Riverlaw Terrace. 

  5. All other programme levels are running to time so turnaround at your turnaround time (refer to your programme). 

Meeting Point
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Saturday's Course:
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This weeks quick tip: 

'Just focus on one week at a time and the programme will take care of you.'
– Jo Mee


What does "run faster" mean?

In the Return to Get up to Five programme you will have noticed that there are 'run faster' sections. In designing this programme we want to add a bit of intensity as well as longer duration in your running. So how do you know if you are you are doing it correctly? Here are some tips that will help you get to the right place in these faster sessions.


Step 1, keep to 6/10: One of the keys to being successful with this programme is making sure you still stick to 6/10 in your longer, normal sets. If you try to increase the speed during that stage of your run you increase the chance that you will need to stop and you won't have the energy to push a little bit harder when you are meant to run faster. 

Step 2, know what faster feels like: When you are running at 6/10 it should almost feel easy, you can hold a conversation, your breathing rate is at a steady pace, and can feel relaxed. When it's time to do your faster sets the responses you get will increase in intensity. The aim is to get to a place where you notice that your breathing has increased, you are a little bit uncomfortable with the intensity but you know you can hold this intensity for the whole duration of the set, and you would no longer be able to hold a conversation. We would call this 7.5/10.

Step 3, don't go too hard: Like we mentioned above you should feel that you can maintain this intensity for the whole duration of the set. If you start a set of 5mins faster and 30secs into it you think you need to stop you have probably gone too fast. Use the indicators above to help you find the place where you know you'll get to the end of the set. If you do feel you have gone out too fast it's ok to slow down. 

Step 4, find small success markers: Even when you find the correct speed and intensity for the faster running sets you will probably still be mentally challenged. A good tip here is to break down the whole set into small chunks that you can focus on. For example, in a 5min set you could focus on working through every minute. Once you get to the end of that minute you can tell yourself you are doing well and then refocus on the next minute. 

Step 5, enjoy the high: Faster running is harder but at the same time there's a pretty great mental reward that comes when you get to the end of the set. Make sure you stop for a moment and allow yourself to enjoy that place, let yourself enjoy the high of the work you have done.  

There are so many benefits of doing the faster run sets in your training. By using the tips above you will be more successful in getting all of those benefits. 


We can all relate to this clip.

Other News

  • Consistency is the key to improvement.

  • Remember that if you are feeling any soreness that you feel is beyond reasonable muscle fatigue - prevention is better than cure. Talk to us if you need any advice.

  • Can you make sure you know what you are doing in the session before you turn up for your Saturday runs. We want to keep the briefing short so if you can do that it would be really helpful.

  • If you aren't on our private Get up to Five Facebook page yet make sure you get on there, it is a way that you can keep in touch with each other and we often post tips on here too: Here is the Facebook Group page to request access: Click here

  • The podiatry team at Feet n Motion have offered a free shoe check for you guys. If you would like to do this call 0800 668498. Let them know that you are from Get up to Five.