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Programme Change: Circuit change

From this week onwards (Week 7 & 8) we change the strength circuit at the start of the session to a 5minute strength based warm up.  Our coaches will take you through these movements in the session. The warm up does not have any ground work, but you may still want to bring your mats if you prefer the ground option stretches at the end of the session. 

Running New Zealand north to south on the trail: Te Araroa. 
A quick snapshot of Jez Bragg's adventure of running 3054km from the tip of the north island to the tip of the south island.

Next Programmes

Our next Get up to Five and Club10k programmes for start 16 March. 

As you are doing a current group with us, you can access the earlybird rates via the buttons below until 11.59pm, Friday 13 March. 

We would love to see back and help you keep your habit of running up and see you take your running to the next level.