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Week 1 Newsletter

Welcome back

A great 5 weeks ahead

Welcome back! We have a great 5 weeks ahead of us as we work through the rest of winter and keep moving.

We love that you are back with your team, let's have great consistency with the group so you keep your routine up and improve your running. 

As normal, every Thursday afternoon you will receive a weekly newsletter which contains all the information for the following week's runs including; times and meeting points for the sessions, an educational component, a little bit of inspiration and any other specific information that you will need for that week.

Over the next 5 weeks we are aiming to help you take that next step forward in your growth.

Week 1 Sessions

  • Monday 27 July, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park Playground 

    Map of Meeting Point: Waitangi Park

  • Wednesday 29 July, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park Playground

    Map of Meeting Point: Waitangi Park

  • Saturday 1 August, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Lyall Bay Bowling Club, Leonie Gill Pathway off Lyall Parade, click here
    Map of Run: Click here

  1. Starting at Lyall Bay Park run down the pathway to Lyall Bay Parade. Turn right.

  2. Cross over to waterside pathway where indicated via zebra crossing.

  3. Continue along Lyall Bay Parade towards Houghton Bay until your turnaround point.

  4. KM Markers out: 3.5km, 4.5km, 5km

  5. Please use the zebra crossing to cross back over Lyall Bay Parade on your return.

Club10k WLG Week 4.png

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

This weeks quick tip: 

'If you have a 'bad' session, one that you struggle or find hard, don’t give up.
They won’t be all the same, move on. Your next run may even be your very best.
One bad day won’t make them all bad days.' – Wendy McBurnie

PLUS: Circuit Movements - As part of your Club10k programme you do a coach-lead body weight strength circuit at the start of each session: Download the Circuit Movements (PDF)

There are 3 different programme levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Choose a level that feels right for you at your current ability. We don't mind if you change levels after the first couple of sessions if you feel it is too comfortable or too challenging the key is to work at a level that is challenging you a bit but so you are achieving at every session. 

Roll Calls and On Time Starts

You know we always start on time, we don't wait!
When you arrive at the session please "check in" with the coach taking the session roll call.
It's important you do this at every session. 

Bring a watch

You will need a watch with a stopwatch function as some of your runs are based on time, if you have a GPS watch these are a great tool to keep you wise to your paces. 

Bring a headlamp

It's dark in the mornings so please bring a headlamp with you to each session for safety purposes - so you can see but also so you can be seen by others in the park (scooters, cyclists in particular!).  

Keys & Gear

We will look after your car keys at each session any other gear is your own responsibility. 


A simple question...why do you run?

Other News

  • Please make sure you sign in at each session, please "check in" with the coach taking the roll call. 

  • Just a reminder about our Saturday sessions, we are running on open roads so please stay on the footpaths at all times and stick to the road rules 100%.

  • Just turn up to the sessions and looking at one session at a time on your programme ;o)

  • A reminder about the Club10k and RaceTeam private Facebook group - it’s a great place to connect with your team: Click here to request access (we will respond within 24hrs).

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