Week 8 Newsletter

It's 10km Week!

Here we go..

It's the final week, the countdown is on. For the last 8 weeks you have progressed through the programme, you have learnt new lessons about yourself as a runner so now it's time to put yourself to the test and see how much you have improved. 

Soon, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you get to take on your best 10k challenge. All we can say is bring it on!

You guys rock! You are so close ;-)

Post Final Run Coffee

After your final 10km run on Saturday 19 December we would love to catch up with you for a post run coffee and catch up. It's a good chance to have a proper catch up with the team and share in that "post run glow" over a lovely coffee or cuppa!

When: Saturday 19 December
Where: Coffee Culture, Lincoln Road
Time: After your final run and all the team is in, we will head on down!

Week 8 Sessions


  • Monday 14 December, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Wednesday 16 December, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


  • Tuesday 15 December, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Thursday 17 December, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


Course Description: 

Please run on the footpath at all times and keep left.

  • It is an out and back run - you run to the 5km marker, turn around and come back the same way. 

  • There will be no coaches, it will be about you doing it by yourself.

Note: If you feel the run is going to take you longer than 1 hour 15mins we are going to start you off at 7am. Please only do this if you are going to take more than 1hour 15mins.

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

This week's quick tip: 

'Make sure you get to bed early on Friday nights. You will suffer in the run if you don't' - Sue


How to run your final run

As this isn't the first time that you have completed 10km we thought we would give you some tips on how to race the race so you give yourself the best chance of doing well. 

Warm Up: It's important to warm up before you start your 10km run. If you don't warm up you will be spending the first 5-10mins of the run in a cold state. You want to start your run in a place your body is warm and ready for exercise. For this reason make sure you do a good warm up before you start. 

Your run is an out and back course to a 5km marker.

First 3rd (1-3km): During the first part of the run you want to find your slightly uncomfortable pace. This is around 7.5/10. It's that place where you are working but you know you could hold the intensity for a long time. You wouldn't want to have a conversation at this stage. 

Second 3rd (4-6km): At the 4km point in your run ask yourself 'can I pick up the intensity by 5%?'. At this stage you want to find a slightly faster pace. This isn't about killing yourself, it's just about finding that small next level. At this stage remind yourself of good technique. 

Final 3rd (7-10km): You are in the final stags of your 10km so here's where you want to increase intensity. As you work closer to the finish line gauge how you are feeling and increase intensity. As you get closer to the finish, start pushing as hard as you can. The closer you get to the finish the higher you want to increase the intensity. Remind yourself that you don't have far to go and do your best to push as much as you can. 

Finish Line: Once you get over the finish line enjoy being the legend that you are ;-)

Quick Tip: If you do have a time that you would like to beat spend some time before the run figuring out your 'km' splits. For example: If you would like to do it in 60mins you would want to be at 1km by 6mins, 2km by 12mins, 3km by 18mins and so on. By using your watch you can make better decisions around the pace you are working out - it helps you figure out if you need to go faster or slower.


This is what it's all about at Extra Mile Runners. A community of people brought together by one common goal - running - to improve our ourselves both physically and mentally with a few laughs along the way! Thank you for being part of our team. 

What Next?


Our next Club10k programme starts
26 October and is the last one for 2020! 

Earlybird rates are available until:
 11.59pm, Monday 19 October
(Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 25 October)

We would love to see back and help you keep your habit of running up!


Extra Mile Runners Members

Group programmes are included in your 6mth or 12mth membership.

To register for the next Club10k:

Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 25 October and just double check that your membership is valid for the duration of the programme.

What Next?


Our next Club10k programme starts 18 January and is the first team for 2021

Earlybird rates are available until:
 11.59pm, Monday 11 January
(Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 17 January)





RaceTeam Christchurch

Our first RaceTeam for 2021 will be training for the ASB Christchurch Half Marathon on 11 April.

RaceTeam Starts: 1 February
Earlybird rates are available until:
 11.59pm, Monday 25 January
(Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 31 January)

Other News

  • You are so close team..finish this off strong!

  • We will be taking lots of photos on the run day so bring your smile ;-)