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Week 6 Newsletter

Finding that next level

Stay Focussed

With only a few weeks to go before your final 10km run now is a good time to focus on getting the most out of your sessions.  

Your Week 6 Saturday session has an 8km run for all of you. You have done this before so this is a good opportunity for you to take a risk and try to run at a faster pace than you normally do.

In this week's education we share one of Coach Bevan's Fitness Behaviour podcasts which has tools that you can use when the intensity kicks in.

Remember, it's about taking you to the next level.


Week 6 Sessions




Course Description:

  1. Run along the riverside pathway towards Princess Margaret Hospital.

  2. Continue around to Hoonhay Road, turn right.

  3. Run up to Rose St, turn right.

  4. Run along to Barrington St, turn right

  5. At Ashgrove Tce, turn right and the 4km marker will be along here. 

  6. At the 4km marker, turnaround and reverse the course back to the start.

  7. Everyone is running 8km, check out below for the objective of this session for your programme level.

Beginner: 8km - no intensity
Advanced: 8km Fast - this is an uncomfortable run working at your own pace that makes you work hard.
Return: 8km Fast - this is all out for you guys, work at the pace you know you can maintain for the 8km distance and be wise with your pace strategy.

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

What Next?
Thinking about what to do after Club10k?

This is our last Club10k for 2023!

If you would like to keep running with the Extra Mile Runners team, we will have sessions on our Session Timetable that will continue up to and right through Christmas and New Year. 
Our first Club10k team will start the week beginning 15 January 2024.

Members: 6mth or 12mth memberships

Check when your membership expiry date is, and come to unlimited sessions each week during your membership term, just book in to the sessions on the timetable!

Non Members:
You can buy single Drop In Sessions that can be used at any of our sessions on the Session Timetable. They are valid for 1 month from date of purchase, so you can purchase and book in to any session you want to come to. 

Want to find out more about Extra Mile Runners Memberships?

This week's quick tip: 

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you have to walk because of tiredness.' 
– Ange 

Other News

  • If you would like to help your body out, get a sports massage for those tight muscles. We recommend the team at Body Central. 

  • Remember to stay focused and keep turning up ;-).

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