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Week 5 Newsletter

Half Way!

Reflect and Refocus

You have just hit the half way point.

As most of you have stepped up in the programme you may be finding it very challenging and sometimes when we are in this place we forget to remind ourselves that we are doing well. That's where having markers that help you stop and see your progress can help.

We are now in the second half of the programme and it is time for you to think about what you have achieved over the last 4 weeks. While there will have been tough moments within this time we are sure there will have been moments where you can see your growth. Let yourself feel good about this and start to feel good about the second half of your journey. 

Week 5 Sessions




Course Description:
Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety.


  1. Run through Hillsborough Park to Bishopsworth Street and turn right. 

  2. Run up to Grange Street and turn left. 

  3. Run down to Aynsley Tce, turn right. 

  4. Follow our cones that will cross you over a bridge and lead you into Hansen Park. 

  5. Follow the pathway around Hansen Park coming out onto Fifield Tce. 

  6. Run along Fifield Tce to Ensors Road. Follow our cones over the bridge and onto the other side of the river - you are now on Riverlaw Tce running back towards Hansen Park. 

  7. Continue along the river to Armstrong Ave, turn right running up to Centaurus Road.

  8. Cross over and run along Centaurus Road. Cross where we indicate and turn right into Aynsley Tce. 

  9. The 6km marker will be along here. 

  10. KM markers out: 3.75km, 5.5km, 6km

  11. Turnaround and reverse the course back to the start. Refer to your programme for your distance. 

Saturday's Course:
Click on image to enlarge


Time for some bodycare!

Inspiration for your body this week.  Here is a lovely gentle yoga sequence for runners that your body will thank you for - and even better, you can do it in the privacy of your own living room!

It's only 7 mins long no excuses not to get this important bodycare work in.

Other News

  • If you would like to help your body out, get a sports massage for those tight muscles. We recommend the team at Body Central

  • Remember to stay focused and keep turning up ;-)

This week's quick tip: 

'There will be days that you have every excuse under the sun not to go to a session. These are the very sessions that you absolutely HAVE to go to as these are the ones that give you the best sense of achievement.' – Pam 

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