Week 7 Newsletter

The Home Stretch

2 weeks to go!

This Saturday (Week 6), everyone is doing 8km and is a challenging run. Our Beginners will be doing their longest run and our Intermediate and Advanced runners are going for speed.

Intermediate and Advanced crew -  use this as a 'risk run', this is where you take a bit of a risk with your intensity and run at a slightly higher level than you normally would. By doing this you might find a new level in speed for yourself. 

You guys rock! You are so close ;-)

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Week 7 Sessions


  • Monday 7 December, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park 

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Wednesday 9 December, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park

    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


  • Tuesday 8 December, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts

  • Thursday 10 December, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: South Hagley Park
    Map of Meeting Point: Netball Courts


  • Saturday 12 December, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Hansen Park Opawa, entrance off Hawford Road
    Map of Run: Click here
    This map is for all of our running groups, you will be doing a portion of this course.

    This is an OUT AND BACK run - run to your half way marker, turnaround and reverse the course back to the start/finish.

Course Description:
Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety. 

  1. Start by running around Hansen Park on the pathway beside the river coming out onto Louisson Place. Continue straight up to Opawa Road. Turn left.

  2. Run along to Hawford Road, turn left. 

  3. Run down Hawford Road to Ford Road, turn right. At the end of Ford Road the river will be in front of you. Turn right into Fifield Tce.

  4. Run around Fifield Tce to St Martins/Ensors Road intersection. DO NOT CROSS OVER. Turn left then take first left into Riverlaw Terrace. You will now be on the opposite side of the river running back towards Hansen Park. 

  5. Follow Riverlaw Tce all the way to Armstrong Ave. Turn right.

  6. Run up to Centaurus Road and turn left.

  7. Run along Centaurus Road to Aynsley Tce. Turn left and run up to Grange St, turn right. 

  8. Run up Grange St to Opawa Road. Turn right. 

  9. Run along to Port Hills road, turn right. 

  10. KM markers out: 1km*, 4.5km, 6km

  11. *14km runners: Run to 6km marker then return. Then do an out and back to 1km marker. 

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge

This weeks quick tip: 

'Focus on your own achievement and don’t compare yourself to others in the group.' – Frances


How to run your 8km (Week 6 Saturday run)

This Saturday you are all doing an 8k run, for some it's about intensity, for others it's about duration. In this week's education we share how you should plan a run when you are trying for higher intensity.

The First Third: Before you even start you need to make sure you have a good warm up. Once you start your run you are focusing on trying to find your rhythm. It's important that you don't go out too hard, if we are thinking of the scale of 1-10 for intensity you want to be sitting on around 7.5/10. This is just a little bit harder than your normal running speed.

The Second Third: This section is all about control. If you are feeling great try to increase your speed but you only want to look for a small increase. A good question to ask yourself is 'can I increase my speed by 5%?'. The aim is to pick up your pace a little bit but not go too hard too early. Now you are working at 8/10 where you know you are working but you feel you could maintain it for a long time. You couldn't have a conversation at this time. 

The Last Third: Now you are aiming to push hard, you are trying to work in an uncomfortable place. The breathing will be up and you will be experiencing discomfort. The key in this time is to focus on small targets in front of you, look ahead and see a visual point that you can focus on. As you get closer to the end you keep building your pace, it's really important at this time that you keep focusing on your technique, your body will be tiring so your technique focus will help you keep your speed up. Once you see the finish push as hard as you can right through to the last step!

Have a think about your approach for this Saturday before the run and then run smart. 


Here's a cool short film about running. It's deep, but that's where running takes us ;-)

Next Programmes


Our next Club10k programme starts 18 January  and will be our first team for 2021.

Earlybird rates are available until:
 11.59pm, Monday 11 January
(Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 17 January)




RaceTeam Christchurch

Our first  for RaceTeam 2021 will be training for the ASB Christchurch Half Marathon on 11 April.

RaceTeam Starts: 1 February
Earlybird rates are available until:
 11.59pm, Monday 25 January
(Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 31 January)

Extra Mile Runners Members

Group programmes are included in your 6mth or 12mth membership.


(Please register before the start of the programme and just double check that your membership is valid for the duration of the programme). 

Other News

  • If you would like to help your body out, get a sports massage for those tight muscles. We recommend the team at Active Health. They know our programmes and are the same team who do the Muscle Balance Tests.

  • Remember to stay focused and keep turning up ;-).