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Week 5 Newsletter

Half Way!

Reflect and Refocus

One thing we can forget to do when we are moving towards a goal is to stop and see the progress we have made. Although it makes sense as we are still looking towards the end target but it's so important that we stop along the way, take a moment to see our progress and celebrate this. 

You have now reached the half way point in the programme.

When we started training together you may have looked at the programme and thought that it seemed nearly impossible, but you have kept turning up each week and have kept on challenging yourself to take the next step forward.

We still have a few more challenges in front of us but take a moment to pat yourself on the back. 

Week 5 Sessions




Course Description:
Please run on the path at all times and keep left. Please don't run any more than 2 abreast and be responsible for your own safety.


  1. Run through Hillsborough Park to Bishopsworth Street and turn right. 

  2. Run up to Grange Street and turn left. 

  3. Run down to Aynsley Tce, turn right. 

  4. Follow our cones that will cross you over a bridge and lead you into Hansen Park. 

  5. Follow the pathway around Hansen Park coming out onto Fifield Tce. 

  6. Run along Fifield Tce to Ensors Road. Follow our cones over the bridge and onto the other side of the river - you are now on Riverlaw Tce running back towards Hansen Park. 

  7. Continue along the river to Armstrong Ave, turn right running up to Centaurus Road.

  8. Cross over and run along Centaurus Road. Cross where we indicate and turn right into Aynsley Tce. 

  9. The 6km marker will be along here. 

  10. KM markers out: 3.75km, 5.5km, 6km

  11. Run to your half way marker then turn around and reverse the course back to the start.

Saturday's Course:
Click on image to enlarge


Celebrate every success

Because we have hit the half way point it's time to do some mental reward work.

At this point we can sometimes still only see the big steps that we have in front of us, that's why we have this list of questions below for you to answer that will help you realise what you have gained to this point and may help you stay motivated till the end of the programme. You can choose to just think about your answers or you can write them down, it's entirely up to you. 

1. What are the physical benefits that I am feeling from the training I have been doing? 

2. Which sessions have I enjoyed the most and why did I enjoy them? 

3. What are the mental benefits that I have experienced from doing the programme? 

4. Why should I be proud of what I have done? 

5. What have I learnt about myself that I can take into other areas of my life? 

6. If the current 'you' could go back 4 weeks ago what would you tell yourself about how well you have done? 

By thinking about these questions we realise that we have made progress. This creates a feeling of success which is important in creating belief in our ability to achieve our goal. While there is still work to be done the more you build your belief the higher the chance that you are going to make it to that 10k finish line in a way you are proud of.


Inspiration for your body this week ;o) Here is a lovely gentle yoga sequence for runners that your body will thank you for - and even better, you can do it in the privacy of your own living room!

Other News

  • If you would like to help your body out, get a sports massage for those tight muscles. We recommend the team at Body Central

  • Remember to stay focused and keep turning up ;-).

This week's quick tip: 

'There will be days that you have every excuse under the sun not to go to a session. These are the very sessions that you absolutely HAVE to go to as these are the ones that give you the best sense of achievement.' – Pam 

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