Final 10km Run

2 more sleeps

Time to achieve your goal

8 weeks ago we started this journey together, the start of a brand new year. For some of you, your goal of running 10k is a new challenge, for others it has been  about developing yourself as a runner and improving, for all of you it has been a big commitment of time and energy over the last 8 weeks. 

Saturday morning you get to run your 10km, this is your challenge and we believe in everyone that is part of this group. We are proud to have been part of your journey to this point and we can't wait to see where it takes you from here forward.

Thanks for being such an amazing group of people, we can't wait to see you finish. Bring it on. 


Final Run Details

Course Description: Follow the Blue Markers

  • This is a 2 x lap course, run to the 2.5km marker and back, then repeat.

  • Follow Fifield Terrace around to Ford Road, turn right.

  • Run up Ford Road to Louisson Place, turn right

  • Follow the pathway into Hansen Park. Turnaround at the 2.5km maker and reverse the course back to the start/finish. Repeat. 

  • There will be no coaches, it will be about you doing it by yourself.

Note: If you feel the run is going to take you longer than 1 hour 15mins we are going to start you off at 7am. Please only do this if you are going to take more than 1hour 15mins.

10km Course: Click on image to enlarge


Follow the blue markers on this course

This weeks quick tip: 

'Make sure you get to bed early on Friday nights. You will suffer in the run if you don't' - Sue


This is what it's all about at Extra Mile Runners. A community of people brought together by one common goal - running - to improve our ourselves both physically and mentally with a few laughs along the way! Thank you for being part of our team. 


Next Programmes

Our next Club10k programme

starts 5 July, the week following your
final run. 

Registrations close 5pm, Sunday 4 July

RaceTeam Queenstown
For those of you thinking about doing RaceTeam for the Queenstown Half Marathon (Race Day 20 November):

RaceTeam Queenstown starts 13 September and registrations will open 2 August.

If you do the next Club10k group, there will be a 2 week gap between the end of Club10k and RaceTeam Queenstown starting. 

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