This is our first weekly newsletter for the Bridge to Epic programme. Each Thursday afternoon you will get the newsletter for the following week. Please read these newsletters carefully, they outline the session details, educational content, inspiration and other important information that you need to know for that week. 

Welcome to Week 1, we can't wait to see you back.

Alert Level 2:
As we get back to the sessions, we want to make sure we are all doing our bit to stick to the safety guidelines for Alert Level 2. We need everyone to know what these are and follow the session safety rules:

  1. If you feel unwell please don't come to the group.  That also includes if anyone in your household is unwell..even a sniffle!

  2. No Keybags: Please look after your own keys at the sessions

  3. Check In at every session: Please make sure you check in with the coach taking the roll call at very session in case we need to contract trace. Don't assume we have seen you, please make sure you come up to the coach and let them know you are there.

  4. Physical distancing: 2m apart at all times before, during and after the sessions.

  5. Good hygiene: We all know what this means now, so keep it clean and safe ;o)

  6. Headlamps: Although not part of the Alert Level 2 rules - these are required at every session so you can see and also be seen. It is dark now and will get darker as we head into winter.

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