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Win a free entry to RaceTeam!

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RaceTeam is a 10 week group training programme that will get you to the finish line in a half marathon.

To achieve this, we provide an awesome, fun and supportive environment with top coaches and a programme that is tried and proven, it really is a fantastic experience to be part of both physically and mentally.


RaceTeam is available in Christchurch only at this stage. 

The next RaceTeam is training for the Extra Mile Runners Epic Half Marathon
RaceTeam Epic is a hill-based 10 week programme designed to build strength over winter.
RaceTeam Start Date: Week beginning Monday 26 June 2017
Race Day:  Extra Mile Runners Epic Half Marathon, Saturday 2 September 2017

To find out more about RaceTeam Epic:

Group Sessions

There are 3 group training sessions each week. 

1 x Track session
1 x Hill Repeat session
1 x Endurance session

RaceTeam Epic is a morning programme only:

6.10am: Monday, Netball Courts Hagley Park
6.00am: Wednesday, Hackthorne Road
7.30am: Saturday morning*

The weekday sessions are 60 mins in duration.
The Saturday morning run begins at 7:30am and are held at different locations around the city. The weekly email we send you will outline the meeting location and route of that week's session.

*Note: During the programme there are some Saturday sessions that start at 7.00am - these are your longest runs in the programme so we start you a little earlier. 

  • In total you will have 30 group sessions. The programme requires that you do some sessions by yourself each week, these will depend on your level. We have made sure these are the lighter sessions. 
  • The group runs are designed so everyone knows what is required before they start. The coaches will be present at each session to offer support, technique advice and motivation.


  • The sessions are run by some of Christchurch's top athletes/coaches, check out our coaching team here.  
  • Each week you will receive a weekly newsletter that will provide you with tips, education, maps of that week's runs, session details and inspiration. 
  • We send you a video introduction before we start that gives an overview of the RaceTeam Programme, key information you need before you start.
  • We also have a Race Day Planning and Race Day Nutrition Seminar in approximately week 4 (date and time to be confirmed). 
  • You may find that the most support you get is from your RaceTeam crew themselves. You all have a common goal you are working towards and will share the same experiences week to week. You will build friendships over the coming weeks. 

RaceTeam is available in Christchurch only at this stage. 

RaceTeam Epic Starts Monday 26 June 2017

Registrations are now Open




(up to including Wednesday 14 June)



(from Thursday 15 June)


RaceTeam Epic 2017

Start date: Week beginning 26 June 2017

Our next RaceTeam is  RaceTeam Epic - our hill based half marathon training programme. 
RaceTeam Epic begins Monday 26 June (morning only programme), the Epic Half Marathon is Saturday 2 September.

Find out more about RaceTeam Epic

Register Now!

EARLY BIRD $299 (Up to and including Wednesday 14 June)
STANDARD $329 (From Thursday 15 June)


Step 1:
To pay by credit card (via Paypal)

If you do not wish to pay by credit card you can pay by direct credit payments. Please email us for the details, in your email please let us know that you are doing Club10k. 

Step 2:

Once you have completed payment, you should be redirected to an online form to complete your registration.
> If you do not get taken there straight away, please click here and complete the online form. Once you have submitted that form you will get a confirmation email back that contain a link to click on to confirm - once that is done you are ready to go!

*If you have chose the weekly payment option, your payments will begin straight away.
10 weekly payments will be automatically deducted and then your payment is complete. 

Once you have paid for RaceTeam you will be taken to a page with an online form to complete, this form will add you to our group email list that we use to communicate with you in the lead up to and during the programme. 

If you don't get taken to that page we will email you within 24 hours of joining and send you all the information you need to know. If you have any questions about this process, please get in touch


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information and remember that if you have any questions that we haven't covered here you can email us at any time, click here. 

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